Tuesday, July 22, 2008

buy your wood stove NOW!

from a small future-forum.....
a reply to a post about a hurricane wiping out the Texas oil refineries.

hi all....

my deceased friend "Sam" came to me last year and he told me for 2007 there will be NO hurricanes!CORRECT.then he says that *maybe* there will be one for 2008.
but it only takes just one to ruin something. I feel Dolly will not amount to anything. too too early in the year. but I suspect that this year's jet summer stream path has it where the next south Gulf storm will follow somewhat the same path. watch late August to middle of October. one year a 150 MPH storm sat in the gulf for a week, the last week of October.
nightmare if the oil is touched. much of the natural gas for northern furnaces comes from there too.
a direct hit will take a year to fix.$5.00 gas and $6.00 fuel oil *just* at the beginning of winter.
if so...then Northern people with alternate heat: you might have to choose to have up to 50 people living with you in your home for five months.

I would recommend
that northern people find some way to heat your home and to cook food that is not electric or oil-dependant!!buy it NOW!!!!!!!
if you wait till the snow hits the road, 28,049 people will be in line at the hardware store or stove works and three stoves are left!
my uncle once built from scratch a very good wood stove that also had a flat top for cooking. need to be a welder though. but there are many many welders around that would make such a thing for a price, and then again, be doing it now, finding that welder, so that you are first in line.
you do NOT want to be where that Siberian cold wave hits your house at 60 MPH winds at 0 to 10 above and the electric goes out and the blizzard keeps you in your home for a week, and then you have to have your thermostat set at maximum just to have your house at 35 degrees, costing you $3,000 for one month and it is only January!
i predict that Florida and the lower south states will soon get a huge HUGE influx of retirees and they will NOT want to pay a cent of tax so that the states will get little income from them; Last year my aunt paid $600 for February at $4.50 fuel oil just to have her house at 60 degrees, this in upstate new york!I would indeed RECOMMEND that retirees who need warmth move to Florida, or at least the gulf coast inland. sometimes 75 degrees in January, sometimes 40 degrees at night, but sometimes frost. Tallahassee, where I live, has room for retirees who want to not be where all of the retirees go, central Florida. Gainesville too. also the smaller towns in north Florida. *only* warms up to 65 there, instead of the 75 in south Florida!
you need to have that wood stove and the wood ready by middle of October. or coal, or whatever. be aware that even most modern furnaces need the electric these days for the fans and the thermostat.
lets see. take Syracuse, new york. I grew up near there. there are probably 400,000 people in and around that city. if 40% buy wood stoves, that would make needed about 160,000 stoves.[better get prepared now.]
too, buy your winter clothes soon. even if you have to get them fresh off of the shelf in September at the maximum price, as by October there will be none left as everyone will buy them. blankets too.
Buy clothes*as if* your house will be at 35 degrees all winter long.