Wednesday, July 23, 2008

astral travel, what is it?!

Another astral travel dream last night; not really worth writing up.

But this strikes me, my dreams. I wonder how many people have astral travel dreams and do not know that, they think that their last night's dream was *only* a dream, aided, maybe, by that pizza they ate the night before.

So what is an astral travel dream?
OBE. "out of body travel". "out of body experience".
---those words are written a lot in occult and psychic books, but what is this?

The higher demmensions. Think of worlds in higher demensions. There are supposed to be many many worlds, each having a slightly higher vibration to their "atoms", so that one could draw for a very good analogy for this; a many story building where the earthplane is the ground floor and each floor above or below is an astral world.
Dreams. At night the soul sort of "disconnects" from the body and for most people it really just sort of "sits there" in one of the lower levels of the astral, with its "eyes" and ears closed to the world outside, the dreamer then dreams the "brain processing psychological stuff" from within the brain. Nothing much comes from outside and when and if it DOES, *this* is what makes an ordinary dreams scene so "weird"!!

The "Trick" be able to "wake up" in the astral and then see and experience that world!!
There are "temple initiations" and personal techniques for to do this. One major way is merely to ASK, in prayer, for the guides and angels to come to awaken you.

Most OBE dreams are indeed "Guided'! I am often, in mine. But as the guide might be from another higher world, this guide would be "invisible" to me the dreamer. All that I would notice is that I am flying across the landscape like "superman"! But i am carried.
You can ask Spirit in prayer for these dreams, then a guide might open your astral eyes.

I was Told by spirit that I did this in other lives, other incarnations, thus easyier for me to Awake. I began these dreams over 20 years ago.

And *what* are in these worlds?
---heaven. hell.....the afterlife worlds.
Other planet's astral,, in the galaxy.
the loweset level is merely the "backside" of this earthplane, floor "2" of that building. Each physical object has an astral conterpart, some souls get stuck after death and can be seen as Ghosts.

How many floors?
Many guides differ, i have read, "22". Some say hundreds.
there are supposed to be 7 major levels and then 7 sub levels within each major level.
There are many. leave it at that.
Below the earthlevel are the hells and other not-so-good looking places. I have seen some of these too. They are Real, at least for the souls in them.

Hieronymus Bosch was RIGHT, he saw correctly!! I was there in a modern version, recently!!