Thursday, March 27, 2008

live in a jungle

live in a jungle, originally uploaded by freestone.

live in a jungle
This photo is one of my favorite nature Tallahassee photos!

here is a lived in apartment complex all draped with vines and probably the vines have grown up to the roofline in only this summer year, taken in november, still a month or so before hard frost.
Note the jungle behind to the left.

Tallahassee, florida, usa

Rent an apartment here and be saturated in subtropical lushness, the vines grow up even to your second floor window.
"Anything is Possible, why even *that*"...the White man's grave where Passions take over and Mind melts away, all restraint falls; either super-sanity of the mystic painter emerges, or Clinical insanity, to be locked away in some tropical dungeon for life, of Meds-ed-away into
Insane or Supersane: takes your choice, if you have one, as the thunder rolls in the night, you hear it in your bones, not your ears; as the sunsets colors redden the land and the Twilight Zone comes to pass.

the vines, i cannot recall the Name. A tropical weed, i read, found all over the world's tropics, a yellow trumpet-flower and long long seedpods.

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