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a georgia belle christmas

a georgia belle christmas, originally uploaded by freestone.

a georgia belle christmas
I live in an Independant Living facility, Georgia Belle, here in Talllahassee.

Here was the christmas tree for the living room, the tv watching room.
[every friday night is "movie night" complete with popcorn!]

Of course this tree was only for "show", the residents did not all sit under the tree and open presents, most of the boxes were just there for decoration.
Most people, including myself, went to relatives or to friends, for christmas celebration, the 160 residents were mostly gone on the Day, which is a good thing: shows that most of the people here have relatives and friends locally.
There are a surprising number of "Yankees" here, people from New York, or Bosten! maybe there are over 10 people from New York city, alone!
Years ago they sent their kids to the local college and now they come to retire near their children, still living here after college.
So it was a good Christmas.
The staff put on a special dinner, a week before Christmas, to be sure to catch everyone to be still here. White tablecloths and silverware and a good meal with nice people.
While this place is not really a "nursing home", there are people living here that might seem, to some of the residents, to really should live in a nursing home, but the Idea of this is that these needing people have lived here for years and they Know the building, whereas if they moved, everything would be new and different; seniors cannot take very much change. So they are better off here.
i was recently told that there were two ladies living here that were about 96 years old, some man, around new years, turned 90 years old!

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