Saturday, November 24, 2007

may they rest in peace.

may they rest in peace., originally uploaded by freestone.

may they rest in peace.
a cemetary scene, here in tallahassee, florida, usa.
"may they rest in peace" feels right for a title, this view felt so peaceful late in the day. The temperature must have been near 75, there was no breeze.
I can see why the first public park, in Philadelphia, pa, was designed by the person who drafted the plans for the Boston cemetary, why even then people would picnic around the stones. Thus cemetaries were the inspiration for the city parks!

Just off to the side of the image is a gravesite where a man's son
was buried, buried about three years ago. His father still comes many days a week and sits on a bench next to his son's stone, I have seen him with a bottle of wine or reading a book. He has lights that come on at dark, lights that look like candles, they are on each and every night.
Behind that large pine tree on the other side of the road is another grave where apparently a son died in late high school and his family
engraved on the stone a near-photographic pictation of his soccer gear.

But this cemetary is also for the Living; many many people jog here and walk their dogs.

yes so peaceful and lush with the subtropical plants amoungst the pine trees. So green on thanksgiving day!

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Friday, November 16, 2007

a nice hellworld, another vision

hi all.
Yes, this here Freestone has had another astral travel dream, yet another one of these: of course I have such a dream nearly every single night, but some experiences stand out above the others, or is better remembered, such as this one.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

so many prophecies

hi all...

Just now I have a wonderful, to me, image of how a future event is transmitted to people.

the image is....someone is banging their head against a white drywall. Then he backs away and there is a small spot of blood upon the wall where he hits his head. Also, there is a small patch, upon his head, of a bit of dust, the area of the wall where he hit his head, that area of the wall is now on his head.

thus, the Objective event Imprints upon his Life, seen as maybe a dream or intense dreamvision, or even in a waking Experience, see externally or internally. But only that one spot, on the wall, is on his head!

The experience can only "speak his language", thus he sees the experience in only in what he knows beforehand.

This is what i feel. what I intuivatate: the "fire and brimstone" christain will be shown by spirit the
future in ways that he already has the language support for, thus he know has "on his head' only that small section of the Greater Wall of this event! Then he tells one and all.
The "political conspiricy" person might be shown images of aliens who influence the ten "families who own the oil and direct Bush to bomb the trade center"!

spots on the wall. many many spots and all over the wall, none of the spots are even near each other, no comminication is possible between these spots.

dozens of worldviews are Justified ever the further, by the Justifying Visions! people do not speak to each other and flame each other in forums.

Each of us wears Glasses and sees the outer world through our belief systems.

Thus, "how can all of these conflicting visions, in time and space, be right"?! may have an answer here!
they thusly are ALL right, as well as all WRONG!

the N A Indian will Recieve one set of visions, the New ager will recieve yet another and the UFO psychic
will recieve yet another. book publishers will make a fortune!

Then add the interesting intuition, that i have, that many "end of the world" visionaries are recieving
[the world leaves me = I leave the enter the spirit realms to live: one and the same!]
the rapture [ or being left behind ] will occur to each of us sooner or later. "the end is near" given out by some "primitive baptist preacher", maybe here in Tallahassee, some sunday morning, warning the people at the church service to "get their lives in order to meet Jesus at the end of the age coming soon, very very soon", has a few scoffers, even in this congregation. say that one of the men is laughing to himself as he leaves the church. Later that day he goes out jogging and then as he runs he has a heart attack and then is now dead as he hits the ground!
Now he is in heaven and there is Jesus before him! the preacher was right, was he not?!