Tuesday, October 30, 2007

an Interesting future for us all

here is something quickly that i typed out for a forum, a prophecy forum.
not very expanded, not much that i can say at typing at 5 WPM, in a public library with time constrants.

my next three years....


hi all....


here I was, just a mment ago, puresing and reading many of the predictions on the prediction page. most of them are not nice, from nuclear war to divine justice outpourings.

enough kinds of end time events to do 20 planets' civilizations in!

for the last couple of months i have expereinced a number of dream and Intuitive revelations, while no one of them stands out as communicatable to you all, I can sum up the gist of what is seen to come, by yours truly.

1...all of the age's pyschics and seerers throught the last 100 years, from you all on the fourms to even the ancient Ones, you all are like of "many many blind people touching parts of the elephant" each sees only a section of it and Seen in your own life-terms. thus all is right, but partially so.

2...this One is a long looong time a-coming, coming from the beginning, even, as this Event is


to be able to live and to function *only8 in the higher demensional spiirt worlds, where there is no more re/in-carnations back to the earthplane.

"college" now for us all. no more high school.

this will not play out as the christians foresee as *ALL* souls will be saved, at leaast 95 to 99 percent of them. "abstract"? welll....NO!
suppose you utterly dislike abortion and you are saved and you dislike the abortion doctors. you then die and find in the afterlife that those abortion doctors are *JUST* as EQUALLY saved as you are! you then find, as you "opposed" them, you are now to live with them for hundreds of years, "dialalguing" with them and they with you and the other christains, dialoguing over the free will of a mother versus the free will of an incarnating soul that could not incarnate due to abortion!

this is just an example.

the lower heavens, the "entry lands" where souls now go to after they die, will now be barren lands and certain guides and masters and healers will greet the incoming souls from the earth in order to tell them to move on to a higher level.
thus, people, i feel that spiirt level basic entry level "1" will now be spiirt level "2"!
[no more "freshman" level in college, one begins at the sopthmore level.]
spiirit thus removes the older entry land to the heavens as we all have now outgrown even that one!

3..all of our advancements, especially in the humanities and the arts, during the last 40 years, and even the last 200 years, are to try to get more of us all to grow in soul to advance like of those certain high school corses where the kids in this special class actually go three days a week TO the local college to take college courses!

thus my OWN "mission', i see, during the next three years of peace and calm, wil lbe to feel deeply how everyone around me is detined for this high heaven forever, why the kid over at the next computer, in the library where i am typing this, the homeless guy begging on the corner before 7 pm until he walks to the shelter for the night, the libray adminteration people, the atheisist college profesoor over at FSU, the manager of a "superstore", president Bush, mr Simpson that guy, and anyone that *you* love or hate.

all destined for College where if you think that life was Rich and multifacited HERE, juuuuuuuuust wait!!

[go to get up to spped from the "30mph" 1950s to get up to "65mph" in the 2000s, so that each of us is ready for the "500mph" of the afterlife worlds!

ah...as usual, only three minutes left on my library computer time, thus "spelling and wordprocessing is the last thing that i find to be real!]


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the homeless begging Place

the homeless begging Place, originally uploaded by freestone.

the homeless begging Place
Here down the street from where I live, is a stoplight that lasts a long
while per turn, and here a group of homeless people make this here spot their begging place, i.e....."work for food". i walk by here a lot and see pitched food and trash. Money and maybe for drink, the Staff of life. Usually one person stands there and other sit by the abandoned building nearby, then they take turns.
a group of men, they are buddies, maybe closer in friendship than of many "succesful" men have today. often "Drink" is the bond and
once I nearly warned a young man who i sensed was new to this, to warn him that as he is with these men for a while he will become like them and just as the sign language people often never want to be cured of deafness as they want the CULTURE more than any "cure", once you sign up, it might be for life.

Just think: no taxes, no child support, no boss to tell ya what to do, and you have buddies and drink.

problem is....I see very very few "poets" amidst the homeless. they all look "anti-social' and angry. I can feel why their anger too, as often they have to deal with the ropes, lets alone strings attached, with any help given to them! basicly society wants to make them "normal" and Domesticated! no drink. no rowdyness. no help for the Demons of vietnam either.

So here is a section of a "I am a homeless vet" sign, pitched into the trash.

Once i saw a lady in a nice car slip a man a $5 bill. Suddenly i see the Real Service that these homeless beggers do, I read once that around gainesville, florida, on the interstate ramps, nearby, the average "income" from begging is about $20,000 to $40,000 a year!!
far far FAR more than I ever made in a year!
the Service?
people who feel guilty for having a nice house and a good job, give and give. people who feel that they do not deserve such a good life.
they feel better for Giving, often even as this money goes directly to Drink.

and...will these men "police the area" of the trash, the 100 bits of litter, even as there is a dumpster 50 feet away?! NO! then they will blame the pig-police for arresting them or driving them off, as the city declares this spot a health hazard! blame everyone but themselves!

no pictures of themen, even as I got this picture, a man came up to me, a man with a face of many fist-fights, to comment upon his plight.

Uploaded by freestone on 20 Sep 07, 6.06PM EDT.