Friday, September 21, 2007

dream: the ascension of earth's peoplewithin our lifetimes.

hi all.

here on the 20th of september, last night, I had this dimly remembered, but very powerful, dream
about the " Ascension of the earth's people within our lifetimes"!

This short dream begins where essentually I was standing outdoors at night with a small telescope and was looking at the stars. My telescope showed to me a rock-like object with a small "craft"
"buzzing" around it. a "ufo". but not really the classic ufo, but some sort of spaceship with someones abord to control it.
The next scene in the dream was where i was receiving communications via "telepathy" from these aliens aboard the ship!

They then began to tell me that they all are watching several planets, in the galaxy. Apparently, they say, most inhabited planets follow a similar evolutionary path, the collective races of each planet, do. At some point in the planet's race's evolution, all of the people somehow "ascend" into a higher demension, to inhabit a Parallel planet, a planet that is made up of a "higher" demensional material, thus not visible to any person who is on the material plane. They all go at once, the people do.
[this is the "standard" message that has been given out to people from Spirit, over and over, by others!
Either by Contact, by mediumship, or by vision, in many many words, been told to us. ]But I was impressed by the final few sentences that these aliens told me!

[in my words]
"the peoples of the earth are due to collectively ascend, all at once, all at one time, within most of their currant lifetimes, to the Parallel planet that is "above" them in vibrational materialness"!!
"they will all go at once, all at one time".
---end of dream.

enough said, the dream says it all......


the next day.

I wish to add some more to this dream, here.

hi all...

there is something that i wish to add to this here vision! I have found that in such dreams, the tiniest smallest detail can mean everything. there is one detail here that I ought to so mention as this detail could mean 'all"!

in the telescope I could peer at the stars, thus I am looking at something that is not visible to the naked eye, as anything needing a telescope is far far away: thus the telescope! but why did not the aliens
appear closer to the earth?! why did they hover around a small object far away, whereas for many psychics, Encounterees, and for other "alien/ufo" encounters, the object of the "craft" is almost always
in the sky nearby?

I feel that the answer lies in that planet thing that they were hovering around. This object did not *look*
like a planet! it was not round and smooth like a planet and the flight of this craft seemed to indicate that they could fly around this object quickly.

the 'clincher" was that I could see that this object was "rough and bumpy". not round at all. thus i sense that this object was like of a round rock. but the bumps were small, thus the object is large, for a hunk of rock.


my own Guess, and my own guess only as this is not stated in the vision, is that this object is indeed a hunk of rock, not a planet and this hunk might be 20...100..200 miles in diameter. no way to tell its size, but larger than 15 to 30 miles, probably.



just a hunk of rock, there are many, maybe millions of them throughout the solar system. "but the term 'asteroid" is used if such a rock is coming towards the earth.

---that this rock is headed for the earth, in a few years, abd *this* is the object that will ascend us all!!

but why could not these alien DO something about this rock, like move it?! blow it up?!


.....If the Overspirit of the universe, God, choses to ascend a race, he might send an "enabler" for to do it, thus this rock is Sealed from being influenced by *any* other influences or beings!

thus this Event might well be "written in stone, set in stone", pun intended!

but this idea is just mine alone and not part of the vision. I sensed that the aliens do not live on this rock. the rock may be years away, but not many.

I can Hear the Moans, now, from the ascended souls, as they find themselves falling upon the New heaven pastures, some old old souls moans out, speaking for all...

"but we all were so so close to beginning to solve our racial problems with the envirnment and our way of western industrial life, why take us all at the very very height of our civilization?"!!

Then a white robed angel-like Master, a resident there, a greeter, might well say, i feel, "you have it backwards, oh moaning, wailing, soul! the comet/asteroid's hitting the earth, was Timed by the lord at the very beginning of the human race's incarnations upon the earth, way back in Adam's time. Thus all of your 200+ years of great accelerated cultural learnings and increase of freedoms and humanity's
growth in the arts and sciences, was done *JUST* to have you all be prepared *FOR* this event of Racial graduation! the better prepared that you were there, back on earth, the better that you can enjoy the richness of the heavens with, now that you are here!!
[to hit the heaven grounds Running!] [the bakery oven has been Properly pre-warmed, back on earth, NOW the real Baking can begin!]

I feel....."think: the last two weeks of high school is used for cram-courses to get everyone ready to graduate at a better readiness for college. To help the laggards, yes, but also to have everyone ready for the college courses. the fact that this is being done, these two weeks of accelerated learnings, would be a sign, to someone who cannot keep track of high school year-time, that school IS about to be over!!"



Saturday, September 15, 2007

oh dear: baba!

Here I posted something that referenced sathya sai baba and the post ruined my template, I had to delete it. On second thought, looking at the post, I could see that the post was "too long", too long and wordy. too too much copying of another article, trying to show that sathya sai baba not only intends to live until he is 96, die in 2021, but that no major earthchanges will occur within his life time, nor nuclear war either.
I am not sure about this, I suspect that baba will be shown to be WRONG! That 2011/12 will bring major major upheavals, no matter what baba says.

One major problem that I have with any eastern master, especially of India, is that they are steeped in the ancient ways of the Indian culture, which is VERY conservative in many ways compared to the west. In spite of "bollywood", sai baba puts down all movies, tv, computers, the internet, anything of the west. he is for marriage arranged and to eat the India foods.
i am of the West, like it or not, i like "free will" instead of "fatalism" that India favors.

so i removed the baba article and will not post again any more baba stuff, positive OR negative, about him.


Friday, September 14, 2007

subtropical tallahassee summer

a nice day here in tallahassee, the lush green city that i live in.  maybe 90 every single day all summer long.

the huge huge leaf

a *really* huge leaf.  many huge leaves.  "Elephant ears", i think is a nickname for this plant.

Tallahassee, florida

Thursday, September 13, 2007

[quote author=Anonymous_Precog link=1189419988/0#12 date=1189629866]I am the author of the Mourning After Tomorrow.

You can view the entire message at the following URL which is now my blog

The entire message has been re-formatted and enhanced so you may want to read it again from the very beginning.[/quote]

what was wrote.

Mourning After Tomorrow
Part II

Years: 2011-2012

Between October, 2011 and December, 2012 with a sense of forewarning focused on or around October 28, 2011 – this period is the beginning of a major change that will sweep across North America. I call it the “Year of Awareness”, because several events will occur over the period of one year that will crescendo in December 2012. Perhaps, I shouldn't use the word “crescendo” because the sweeping changes will not subside but intensify as time goes on. The point that is important here is that a series of events will occur that will magnify a coming realization that we are in a “roller coaster ride”.

The 10-12 days leading up to the YEAR OF AWARENESS seem to have importance here. I am unsure if it is meant as a warning sign or if it means that we, as Americans and our government leaders have the ability to make the transition “calmer” or “easier” during this time.
===== reply to this.

===I thank you for this. I bookmarked your blog too.

I know of a person who was "told" to leave a major city, by innerness and then a synchronistic opportunity. move far far away.

this would not just affect america, you know. the world is linked togther as one, now, a net and when a big rip occurs, the whole fabric feels the pain.

I feel our collective system is self healing, technologically, but only up to a point. so so many fixers are so behind the learning curve that when things break, ah well, like my 1959 car that it only took three people pushing it by hand from the rear, to start it, if the battery was dead. things were easier to fix, back then.
now i guess you cannot even get such a car going at 20 mph! no parts to fix now, all unibody, in everything. our melons come from south america, our gas comes from who knows where. let one yellowstone erupt and it is all over. oh yes, few of us want war but if the world is hungry then it all comes loose. the gays. between the lines, here, i feel the collective uncounscious dis-like and the day might indeed come for bad stuff.

but one problem is.... that "self-preservation" is all well and good if one is to be Annointed by spirit to become one of the survivors, but for the rest of us it will be to DIE. to die early and i feel this *slight* difference of terms is important! for each and all of us will die of something, in even a golden age of civilization, each of us grows old, death will come. so what is the difference beteen *this* death and the 2012 collective deaths?
nothing: except that we each will know somewhat in advance.

i have known of several people who had accepted Jesus as their savor, in the hospital room, one guy paralized from the neck down, all he could do is to THINK, and to have him know that most such accident victums die in a year or three! he died in one year, he did his think, he says yes to spiirt. but what of YOU?!
the liberal left agnostic and atheist way of life will go down under that phrase, "there are no atheists on the battlefield"!
so how are you all prepared for heaven? if you live as if heaven were here now, and heaven In your soul and life, now, why your outer influence a-radiating this to everyone, could acutally make a difference in the severity of the upheavals!
hoarding and collecting, is just yet more "things". dried food will not get ya to heaven. a years supply of batteries will not light up your heavenly home.
a "fin-de-sickle' burning of the ...[fill in the blank with your favorite type of humanity to hate] group that you hate, will only bind this other person[s] to you in hell, you all are now roomates for a looooong time, now, bound togther in union closer than Love, HATE!

pray. meditate. but do not just *become* a christian, another member of a dogmic group who loves rules and most of these rules are ""

remember, even 1000 years of rome ends up in dust and ruins, soon every
house is for sale, eventually: nothing lasts, even in the good times. *things* are there as tools and at the end of the day each of us has to turn them back into the Shed, then go home empty-handed, these tools are there for the next gardener, another day, but not you.
everything is a "loaner".
only the soul IS....but if the christ is not there, why yet another incarnation yet again, into this world....


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

rainbow cloud in the early morning

rainbow cloud in the early morning
Here I was, walking down the stairwell of my apartment building and the first window gave to me this View! A view of a thunderhead where there is a rainbow running up the cloud, nearly in line with that flagpole on top of the hotel.
Tallahassee, florida, usa; looking west.
the temperature must now be 85 degrees, with a 90% humidity, at 8 am. Tropical, of course, the cloud is moving northwards off of the Gulf, direct from the equator.

This city surely has some very pretty clouds!

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Monday, September 10, 2007

Luscious color leaf things!

Luscious color leaf things!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Luscious color leaf things!
"leaf galls", I think they call these things. A live oak leaf near where I live, in tallahassee, florida. The late afternoon sun cast shadows across the leaf.
Oh so pretty, good enough looking to eat, but alas only to look at.
Maybe 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch in size.

There are *so* many little things like this that few people notice, probably if an observant person were to take a one block walk, there is usually something that is unique and strange. But you have to look for it.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

old church

old church, originally uploaded by freestone.

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the old church, falling into ruin, the vines growing over it, the bricks are falling out.

a metaphor.

here was once a church, full of life, full of happy worshippers; people who Mattered and probably did wonderful things for the community, but now they are all gone and even the old women of the ex-congregation, do not come anymore, the door is open only to the squirrels and the foxes.

I live at a senior home for Independent living. last monday, i went to the laundry room to wash my clothes and when I opened the drier to put my clothes in, i noticed that the drier was full of wet clothes! someone put in their stuff, and closed the door, but did not turn this drier on, she probably was interrupted by someone and then she left the room, utterly utterly forgetting that she even had laundry!! Today, on saturday, the clothes were finally gone from the counter. six months ago someone put a pot on the stove full of raw food and began to cook it then she went grocery shopping for hours and then when the pot finally caught fire, the firemen put it out!

Alzheimers, senility.

Growing ever the older with "Senior moments", of this year, growing into senior hours, next year, and then senior days
a few more years from then!

So if you walk into the lounge, at the Memory Center, at the Home for mentally challenged seniors, here in Tallahassee, where i live, you might see older people who cannot recall anything that happens to them during the last few minutes, but they can tell you what they ate for lunch on june 7th of 1932!

they are like that old church, that i wrote of!

One cannot measure and judge a ruined old church by the moment
of your seeing the ruins, one should judge this building by the "high water mark" of its years, when their were revivals and singing and hugs and church social dinners!
people too!

So here is maybe an old man who, like of my very father, who was a Blacksmith and a story-teller, in his prime years, why he could talk for four hours and you do not say one world and when he finished talking and had to leave; when he left, someone would say out loud, for everyone around that cafe table, he spoke...."too bad he had to leave, i wanted more"!
[this really was said about my father!]
But when my father was in the Home, after five strokes, Dementia took over, and he had no memory at all of the last twenty years!
so here is an old man who drools and cannot remember your name no matter how many times you tell him, and that maybe he would not even recognize his own wife if she were to walk in; an old man who lived an Incredible life, a life that you cannot know from his own tellings. Like of seeing a dry river bed during the dry years, but this river is measured by its high water times!

So everyone had an incredible life, of some sort, once, a "high water mark" of their years; one cannot see this in the Sunset of their years, though.

But the soul lives after death: in heaven only the right answers Count, thus every Good Thing that this man did, during his life, is there in heaven for him when he arrives, soon.

so here i have yet more respect and sympathy for the Alzheimers elderly, especially when I see the Sun Setting right before my eyes, month by month, year by year.

do not put off until tomorrow, your Dreams of today, please. Not only are *you* growing older, but our culture is too, let alone this Global Warming world! Our "good times" may come to an end soon, and that trip to, say, England, will not be possible then due to not only maybe your failing health, but to the Politics of war or the sheer Cost of a ticket during Depression-times!
Even our Planet grows old, Yellowstone could erupt, the vertable End Times could come soon, 2012 lurks!
so dance you dance of life, NOW, before it is too too late! grow your soul now, before the "soul-drought" times come!

do all of the worsipping, praying, church socials, huggings, singings, now, when the Church is still in good condition, get the very Most out of this church, before everyone leaves and the janitor sweeps the floor for the very last time!!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nothing Is In The Way

Nothing Is In The Way, originally uploaded by freestone.

Nothing Is In The Way

here is a cloud, looks like maybe any other cloud except that there seems to be nothing in the way, the air is so clear of haze and smoke and pollutions! This air probably comes off of the Gulf, being just south of Tallahassee, florida, usa, where this photo was taken.
The temperature probably, here at about 4 pm, was about 95 degrees. Most people in the Northern latitudes see haze and "stickyness" in the air, on hot days as this air probably traveled half way across the countrysides. Those images of south sea islands and the other tropical places have this translucentness too. Probably the air, here, comes directly from the equator.
Makes this ordinary cloud "extra-ordinary"!

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