Friday, August 31, 2007


lightningcropped, originally uploaded by freestone.

a cropped image of the lightning strike from

the video, itself, is here....

Here is a cropped version from an extracted still from a video from my canon a610 camera. A clever way to "find" an image, out of many images, from an event of a second long in time: take a video of this event then extract the still out of the video. Works with a good quality source-video, of course!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

lightning walks the day.

see the cloud-to-ground lightning!    In this several second video, you can see some awesome lightning strokes hit the ground.

   One such storm, about a week ago, took out three houses!  Tallahassee, florida, where this location is, has about 85 thunderstorm days a year!

There are some storms the tv people will tell us that there were 10,000 lightning strokes measured!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

plantation house

an old plantation house near the edge of downtown tallahassee.  headquarters of the parks dept.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

light coming through a hole

light coming through a hole, originally uploaded by freestone.

light coming through a hole

a hole in the cloud with light coming through. Otherwise, a "plain" stormcloud with lots of powerlines!
Tallahassee, florida, usa.
Taken in the late evening, just before sunset.

However....I like this image, as I see this shaft of light coming through the clouds, as if Spirit were Illuminating something on the ground behind my back, far far away. As if God shown down upon the earth!

I like this "peachy" light too, a bit of peach colored hue, here.

I like the Zoom, on my canon a610, even a t the "max" still the image looks good.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

640 res test, the Garden behind the senior residence

my new canon 610 can do video, I tested the 640 res, here.  This is a garden behind my senior apartments.

the Rotting shed

Rot rot rot, why I think that the trees are the only thing that is holding up this building!    I cannot see what is inside, but if I lift up my camera just so, maybe You can see what is inside.  probably more Junk.   Who knows what it is, probably the owner does not even know, now. The building is quietly become one with nature!

       here in this semi-tropical city, Tallahassee, Florida, usa, wood rots real quickly, if the termites do not get it first.  Then the vines climb all over it.

Temperature must be all of 95 in the shade, a Normal day here, do not think about the humidity!  Dewpoint of 70 to 75.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

subtropical tallahassee summer street.

The tropical air, the lushness. tallahassee, florida, usa. Note the spanish moss and the ferns that grow on the tree limbs.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"street prophet" image, sharpened, you can read it

"street prophet" image, sharpened, you can read it
hi all...

here is another image of that poster on a power pole, from

and a bit sharpened, you can now read the whole thing, especially if you go to the "all sizes", then click on the "large" or the "original" size.

This particular poster was yet another, in the series, on a "fatter" pole, so that I could take a picture of the whole thing. This one is on the very corner where I live, he posted this about 300 foot from my bedroom! There are at least four others, in my neighborhood.

a Homeless person?

Several people have commented that a homeless person would not carry a typewriter around with him.

Tallahassee, Florida, usa. Tallahassee is about 20 miles just south of the georgia border. This poster has a flavor of "deep south country cracker\redneck young man" who comes to the big city of Tallahassee, and is a bit overwhelmed by the urban setting, compared to his hometown.

his imagination only?
a series of dreams?
a psychic?
---you make the call.

many homeless people are living a bit like of this condition, now and today!!

Anyway, you all might be able to read the whole thing, now. Too too bad he had to run the lines across the drawing, makes it hard to read, as you have to scan across the palm on every line. But he had to fit this all in, i guess.

I have no idea who this is.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

street prophet!

street prophet!, originally uploaded by freestone.

street prophet!
this appeared, this morning, the 16th, on a side street in tallahassee, florida, usa, next to rt 90, the main east/west road from Miami to L. A. for many many travelers.
Here is a Genuine street prophet's poster, and if you click on the "original size" section, in the options under "all sizes" one can actually read this poster.
if you want to, some of the words are cuss words, on the size, here, they are not visible.

But something tells me that this person did indeed have these dreams. whether these dreams merely reflect a homeless person's anger toward society, or maybe a real Vision series that infers that
our culture will soon become Toast, very very soon: you make the call, I report what I see that is interesting, on the streets.
Yes this spot is where many homeless people gather to beg for change and bills. the Shelters are four blocks away.

In a sense, the homeless, NOW, are living a bit like of this future seen, the woods around here are full of Camps of homeless and often there are fights and killings, events that escape the seeing eye of the police. many of them *want* to see Babylon burn down, and too, many of the hands that reach out to help them, merely have strings attached, or even Ropes attached!
1...take thoughbenzidrine every day, yes you will walk around in a daze and also gain 40 lbs, but You Are Being Helped! to job training and placement every day even as it is located ten miles out of town, and if you do not come every day for most of the day, you will fail; of course there is no time to apply for work!
3...necktie and suit and live indoors and give up ye Indian ways.
Become White man Now.
[would you like to be kidnapped and flown to afgan to be converted against your will to fundamentalism? would you Go Down Screaming?!]

many of them would like to see this poster vision[s] to come true.
have Us all live like they do now!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

a nice tallahassee day before the rains came.

a nice tallahassee day before the rains came.
Yes, a nice day, dry, a week before the rains began.
Just a "snap" of a dirt parking lot, in a subtropical city

tallahassee, florida usa

I live across the street from here.

not the spanish moss in the oak tree to the right.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

extreme wind shear!

extreme wind shear!, originally uploaded by freestone.

extreme wind shear!
Off in the disatance, you can see a thunderhead cloud. But as this cloud grows upwards into the upper atmosphere, the upper air winds are so strong that the top is blown off sideways! In fact the top of this coud extends to way way beyond the upper frame of this image, this image that I took on my 5th floor windowsill!
tallahassee, florida, usa, about 6 PM, july 29th.

the Camera is facing to the North, a little to the northeast.

If you look closely at the image, you can see some more extremely blown off tops from other thunderstorms.

This indicates that the upper air winds are VERY strong! As tallahassee is about 30 degrees North, this is very very unusual for this time of year at this latitiude. I looked at the "jet stream wind pattern", on, and i see that basicly the upper winds are in a "winter pattern" and nearly as strong!

In other words: the upper winds blow the tops of the high clouds, off to a distance, this one might be torn about 80 miles!

*This* is why there are no hurricanes or even tropical depressions, in the Gulf or Atlantic, as of now, July 30th! If this pattern continues, and i think it will, there will be ZERO hurricnes this year, and fall will begin for the Northlands, by middle of August.

[I took a second photo, a photo from the west stairwell, looking at
another thunderstorm. This other storm is "new" and the top is only blown off to the south just a little bit. But one can see this process a bit better, as one looks at the side of the storm.
by an hour, this western storm had a cloudtop that was pulled about 100 miles, to the south!!]

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