Thursday, May 31, 2007

a tree growing in a tree!

a tree growing in a tree!, originally uploaded by freestone.

a tree growing in a tree!
yes a tree is growing in the crack between the two branches of this Live Oak tree. I think that this small tree is a cherry tree.

tallahassee, florida usa

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I have written up a vision, here.

I had an interesting astral travel experience last night, and i have written it up on my other weblog, the one that I place my writtings on.

vision: telling the dead lady about Jesus!
Telling the dead lady about Jesus.

Last night I had another one of those wonderful dreams where I begin the dream in what looks to be a "standard dream setting", although very Lucid and vivid, but nearly immediately I realize that I am in one of the afterlife worlds, one of the heavens!

[I go, am taken there, nearly every other night, now, but not very often are there dreams to "report"!]

There are many many worlds, there, the dream begins where I am in a room in what appears to be a very large farmhouse, I can ......
continued on the other blog.
freestonesvisions, please click here to read the vision write-up!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hippodrome, originally uploaded by smacss.

A reenactment in the hippodrome - Roman legionnaires, gladiators, and chariot races. Fun to watch.

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"Join us on this incredible journey in time to a city of the Roman Decapolis and witness a live event that has so far only been the subject of epic films.



Ben Hur for real.
The WallStreet Journal has an article, recently, about how this sport is being revived for real! There was, for instance, a race and re-enactment, in Paris, that drew 300,000 people!

Amazing times we live in!

the Tallahassee drought

the Tallahassee drought, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Tallahassee drought
here is the tallahassee drought, here in north florida, usa.
I read that there has been like ten inches of rain this year, today is may 22, and no rain in sight.
Notice how the leaves of the bush and the tree do not look too good.
The grass is brown, it may not come back when and IF it rains.
The dogwood tree on the corner looks about to die. Even the oak tree's leaves look small and shriveled.

I give all of the spanish moss, hereabouts, about three more weeks!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

florida drought: grass in rigor mortis!

florida drought: grass in rigor mortis!
the grass next to a parking lot, looks dead. Only ten inches of rain, at may 18th, for the year-to-date, and no rain in sight for weeks.

tallahassee, florida, usa.

Nothing looks alive. the grass with more soil near it, out in the fields, does not look quite so bad. If the rainy season fails, like of no-hurricane last year, their might be only 15 inches of rain for the whole year, in a city that usually gets over 60 inches.
This dryness began in 2003, probably seven years long, thus three more to go.

florida needs many hurricanes or Else! but I would not be surprised that the forcasters will yet again have egg on their face as their might well be no hurricanes this year either.
or next year. or the year after!

the Terrible Secret is....that florida's lushness is driven by tropical storms, without these, the scattered afternoon thunderstorms only bring lightning to start yet more fires!

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

the Rotting shed!

the Rotting shed!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Rotting shed!
Yes, rot and time are not kind to this here shed. I cannot tell if the top of the roof is supported by the piles of lumber inside, or maybe the trees holding it up.

a nice rustic building going quietly back to nature.

Tallahassee, florida, usa.

the semi tropical climate speeds this rot along, the termites clap with happyness at wood like this, but if they "clap" they are not holding each others hands: might be the only thing keeping this building up!

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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

something for feedburner

something for feedburner!

the Art of the Twig!

the Art of the Twig!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Art of the Twig!
here against the pavement, was sitting this twig. Looked to me a bit like abstract art.

Thus I give this to you all *as* abstract art.

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Monday, May 14, 2007


seems there are so many tools out there for bloggers. So much time to get them ready. Now to actually post something worth it, for the readers to use these tools.

"the afterlife" or astral travel, obes near death experiences, alien abduction, dreams, psychic....these are words that will not appeal to many people, but to the people who are interested, theur eyes light up at seeing these words, thus if anyone
uses these toolsm hooooray!

Sunday, May 13, 2007

see florida burn!

see florida burn!, originally uploaded by freestone.

see florida burn!
the view from my fith floor window, here in tallahassee, florida, usa, about 3 PM, looking North.


probably the whole North of florida east of tallahassee looks like this, if not worse!

maybe too too many people been praying for "no hurricanes"!

what I feel poor florida needs now, is about four cat 4 hurricanes back to back, everywheres in the state!

wind out, or burn out!

my lungs have problems with this, if it gets much worse, I will have to evacuate!

South of tallahassee is the Appalcahicola national forest. 80 by 60 miles of nothing but pine trees! if *that* catches afire, I can imagine it now, a wall of fire 300 foot tall and 20 miles long advances north towards the tree covered wooden housed tallahassee.
A whole city burns to the ground, all 300,000 people have only black ash for property.
"a" whole town or city, here in florida, might indeed burn up.

I guess this is global warming at work, but i read that historicly all of the great plains and the eastern usa forests, are fire-driven! fires are a way of life and now man has suppressed them so, that
300 years of past dues are indeed due! so so much leaves and sticks litter the forest with "smoky the bear" ever the vigilant!

I guess this is one reason why I have not taken many pictures of late, lots of dry dead grass and smoky skies, a bit like "death warmed over"! Who wants to enjoy seeing a region of the country slowly die!!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

freestone wilson

freestone wilson, originally uploaded by freestone.

hi all.

In these Times of maybe 2012 near the end times, maybe people who knew me during my lifetime might want to find me.

Thus I write this for Google, not for you, really!! Google will add this to the files, then the keywords will come up.

Freestone wilson

I was born in Interlaken, new york, near Ovid, new york, and trumansburg. in seneca county between cayuga and senca lake.
I attended the Interlaken central school, graduated in 1960. 28 kids in my graduating class.
Family: the bassette. wilson. brewer. bennet. freestone. covert. tunison. Fred freestone. Crash a family reunion, here, and if your family is an old family, you would find that you are not crashing: everyone is related to someone else, my hometown is so small at 600 people that they build one house every ten years.
Reformed church, interlaken. baptist church: i was in these churches. grange. boy scouts.
Then off the college, Florida state university at tallahassee. I went caving, the caving club, the Seminole spelunking club. FSU marching band. I was a weather major, meteorology.
I failed miserably, too too much math and physics! I then tried the Forest ranger school at lake city, florida, 1963, which promply burned down!
I then joined tyhe US Air force, my first base was at myrtle beach Air force base, i worked in the computer room. then off to japan, tokyo area, Yakota air force base.
I was in the 67th RTS, in around 1967.
Back to live in Rochester, ny york, around 1968, I opened an antique shop called "the wood runner shop". I got to know a group of hippies, they called themselves the
Gallucci family" [maybe the galuci family]. all of over 200+ people, most of the artists of the city.
I had my cottage at bergan beach near my hometown and i got to know ithaca well. keywords: american brahman book store, moosewood cafe, the yea god family, cabbagetown, deWitt mall, Samdaria bakery. dawes hill.
Ilived with my sister: asheville. hot springs. Suanna wilson. MSW wilson. madison county. Trust, north carolina. Carbondale, Illinois. "Wilson's typing service".

so now I live in tallahassee, at the georgia belle senior home. keywords: dixie drive. Tallahassee senior center ,[1987] .strozier library, [1971 mail clerk].

this is all the google stuff. the more interesting stuff is harder to write!


Sunday, May 06, 2007

a real thunderhead!

a real thunderhead!, originally uploaded by freestone.

a real thunderhead!

a very late afternoon sunset upon a thunderstorm.

dry dry dry. been too too dry here in tallahassee, florida, usa, of late.
I fear that there could be no rain at all this year, making for several years of fires and desertness.
Acold front tries to make a shower. there is more today, but weak, probably all will pass by and the air will be cool and 10% humidity dry.

maybe no hurricanes, at least, maybe even the summer rains will fail too.

probably soon everyone in florida will have to move back up north, where the rains are, why for April, I read, new york city got over 13 inches of rain. my aunt's farmer-son had for July last year
about 20 inches of rain.
FLOODS will be the rule for the northeast for a few years.

---that is freestone's "forecast-o-matic, for the weather for the next few years, for the eastern usa!

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Gatto Mimmo attacco letale

Gatto Mimmo attacco letale, originally uploaded by Vairus.

Gatto Mimmo attacco letale

Uploaded by Vairus on 10 Mar '07, 9.00pm EST.

to illustrate the "angry man" article, below this one.

angery man


the guy sat down behind me, in the cafe, as i was reading the Times. I tossed the times onto the table behind me and I did not see him sit down at it.
he gave to me a very very sarcastic remark.
When I turned away, I heard him talk for many minutes about the carpenters at his house, how utterly incompentant they were.
Suddenly I Saw, inwardly, that this man is like this every single moment with everyone. And he probably feels that every angstrum of his anger and rage is justified!

There are many like him.

I see two pianos in a room, when you strike, say, the "G" key, the "G" string on the other piano will vibrate in unison, and only that one string, even if the piano is 20 feet away.
Thus here is a man in a "loop"! he sends out anger and thus makes others angry and then he replies justified in his stance and thus as I sat there, i just knew that the only language that this person knew was the language of "Confrontations"!
He he had any kind of "occult" powers, he would maybe attract to him anyone who is angry, and even every single carpenter that comes for employment, why if there was one man in ten who was "angry" this person would be the One to come do the work.
and of course this angry person is *quite* justified in his stances of anger and confrontation, why he might tell you that "everything has gone to S..T, these days", and then confront you if you tried to disagree with him! and the only way to "dialogue" with him in the Language that he knows, is to be confrontative and angry, in return!

it is said..."One can live in hell before one dies"!

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

picture for my weblog

I wanted to illustrate my right side link section, where the link is, to my other weblog where I have many of my dreams and visions written up.

Yes, "out of body, OBE, astral travel", they call this. One leaves, or is taken by guides and angels, out of the sleeping earth body, taken into the planes of the astral life.
to anywhweres. to the astral, to the heavens, even to hell. To experience demons, to experience the ascended master, even Jesus.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

library, Interlaken, ny.

library, Interlaken, ny., originally uploaded by freestone.

the library in my interlaken hometown

is there anyone looking for a friend of mine?
He goes by the name, several names, actually...
Robert updike.
Sam updike
errol updike


my sister
Suanna wilson.
or "MSW wilson

you may ask me about these people.

my high school

my high school, originally uploaded by freestone.

well here it is may first and today i met someone who knew me when she was 15, back in 1961, when i attened college.

Amazing memory for people!

So i am going to lay out a small bio, just mostly for Google, to have people find me, people that knew me, way way back.

freestone wilson
Interlaken, new york.
Interlaken central high school.
Florida state university.
meteorology. U S air force, 67th RTS. Yakota afb, japan.
myrtle beach air force base.
write me at...