Saturday, November 24, 2007

may they rest in peace.

may they rest in peace., originally uploaded by freestone.

may they rest in peace.
a cemetary scene, here in tallahassee, florida, usa.
"may they rest in peace" feels right for a title, this view felt so peaceful late in the day. The temperature must have been near 75, there was no breeze.
I can see why the first public park, in Philadelphia, pa, was designed by the person who drafted the plans for the Boston cemetary, why even then people would picnic around the stones. Thus cemetaries were the inspiration for the city parks!

Just off to the side of the image is a gravesite where a man's son
was buried, buried about three years ago. His father still comes many days a week and sits on a bench next to his son's stone, I have seen him with a bottle of wine or reading a book. He has lights that come on at dark, lights that look like candles, they are on each and every night.
Behind that large pine tree on the other side of the road is another grave where apparently a son died in late high school and his family
engraved on the stone a near-photographic pictation of his soccer gear.

But this cemetary is also for the Living; many many people jog here and walk their dogs.

yes so peaceful and lush with the subtropical plants amoungst the pine trees. So green on thanksgiving day!

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