Thursday, September 13, 2007

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Mourning After Tomorrow
Part II

Years: 2011-2012

Between October, 2011 and December, 2012 with a sense of forewarning focused on or around October 28, 2011 – this period is the beginning of a major change that will sweep across North America. I call it the “Year of Awareness”, because several events will occur over the period of one year that will crescendo in December 2012. Perhaps, I shouldn't use the word “crescendo” because the sweeping changes will not subside but intensify as time goes on. The point that is important here is that a series of events will occur that will magnify a coming realization that we are in a “roller coaster ride”.

The 10-12 days leading up to the YEAR OF AWARENESS seem to have importance here. I am unsure if it is meant as a warning sign or if it means that we, as Americans and our government leaders have the ability to make the transition “calmer” or “easier” during this time.
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===I thank you for this. I bookmarked your blog too.

I know of a person who was "told" to leave a major city, by innerness and then a synchronistic opportunity. move far far away.

this would not just affect america, you know. the world is linked togther as one, now, a net and when a big rip occurs, the whole fabric feels the pain.

I feel our collective system is self healing, technologically, but only up to a point. so so many fixers are so behind the learning curve that when things break, ah well, like my 1959 car that it only took three people pushing it by hand from the rear, to start it, if the battery was dead. things were easier to fix, back then.
now i guess you cannot even get such a car going at 20 mph! no parts to fix now, all unibody, in everything. our melons come from south america, our gas comes from who knows where. let one yellowstone erupt and it is all over. oh yes, few of us want war but if the world is hungry then it all comes loose. the gays. between the lines, here, i feel the collective uncounscious dis-like and the day might indeed come for bad stuff.

but one problem is.... that "self-preservation" is all well and good if one is to be Annointed by spirit to become one of the survivors, but for the rest of us it will be to DIE. to die early and i feel this *slight* difference of terms is important! for each and all of us will die of something, in even a golden age of civilization, each of us grows old, death will come. so what is the difference beteen *this* death and the 2012 collective deaths?
nothing: except that we each will know somewhat in advance.

i have known of several people who had accepted Jesus as their savor, in the hospital room, one guy paralized from the neck down, all he could do is to THINK, and to have him know that most such accident victums die in a year or three! he died in one year, he did his think, he says yes to spiirt. but what of YOU?!
the liberal left agnostic and atheist way of life will go down under that phrase, "there are no atheists on the battlefield"!
so how are you all prepared for heaven? if you live as if heaven were here now, and heaven In your soul and life, now, why your outer influence a-radiating this to everyone, could acutally make a difference in the severity of the upheavals!
hoarding and collecting, is just yet more "things". dried food will not get ya to heaven. a years supply of batteries will not light up your heavenly home.
a "fin-de-sickle' burning of the ...[fill in the blank with your favorite type of humanity to hate] group that you hate, will only bind this other person[s] to you in hell, you all are now roomates for a looooong time, now, bound togther in union closer than Love, HATE!

pray. meditate. but do not just *become* a christian, another member of a dogmic group who loves rules and most of these rules are ""

remember, even 1000 years of rome ends up in dust and ruins, soon every
house is for sale, eventually: nothing lasts, even in the good times. *things* are there as tools and at the end of the day each of us has to turn them back into the Shed, then go home empty-handed, these tools are there for the next gardener, another day, but not you.
everything is a "loaner".
only the soul IS....but if the christ is not there, why yet another incarnation yet again, into this world....