Saturday, September 15, 2007

oh dear: baba!

Here I posted something that referenced sathya sai baba and the post ruined my template, I had to delete it. On second thought, looking at the post, I could see that the post was "too long", too long and wordy. too too much copying of another article, trying to show that sathya sai baba not only intends to live until he is 96, die in 2021, but that no major earthchanges will occur within his life time, nor nuclear war either.
I am not sure about this, I suspect that baba will be shown to be WRONG! That 2011/12 will bring major major upheavals, no matter what baba says.

One major problem that I have with any eastern master, especially of India, is that they are steeped in the ancient ways of the Indian culture, which is VERY conservative in many ways compared to the west. In spite of "bollywood", sai baba puts down all movies, tv, computers, the internet, anything of the west. he is for marriage arranged and to eat the India foods.
i am of the West, like it or not, i like "free will" instead of "fatalism" that India favors.

so i removed the baba article and will not post again any more baba stuff, positive OR negative, about him.