Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nothing Is In The Way

Nothing Is In The Way, originally uploaded by freestone.

Nothing Is In The Way

here is a cloud, looks like maybe any other cloud except that there seems to be nothing in the way, the air is so clear of haze and smoke and pollutions! This air probably comes off of the Gulf, being just south of Tallahassee, florida, usa, where this photo was taken.
The temperature probably, here at about 4 pm, was about 95 degrees. Most people in the Northern latitudes see haze and "stickyness" in the air, on hot days as this air probably traveled half way across the countrysides. Those images of south sea islands and the other tropical places have this translucentness too. Probably the air, here, comes directly from the equator.
Makes this ordinary cloud "extra-ordinary"!

Uploaded by freestone on 21 Aug 07, 7.19PM EDT.
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