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extreme wind shear!

extreme wind shear!, originally uploaded by freestone.

extreme wind shear!
Off in the disatance, you can see a thunderhead cloud. But as this cloud grows upwards into the upper atmosphere, the upper air winds are so strong that the top is blown off sideways! In fact the top of this coud extends to way way beyond the upper frame of this image, this image that I took on my 5th floor windowsill!
tallahassee, florida, usa, about 6 PM, july 29th.

the Camera is facing to the North, a little to the northeast.

If you look closely at the image, you can see some more extremely blown off tops from other thunderstorms.

This indicates that the upper air winds are VERY strong! As tallahassee is about 30 degrees North, this is very very unusual for this time of year at this latitiude. I looked at the "jet stream wind pattern", on, and i see that basicly the upper winds are in a "winter pattern" and nearly as strong!

In other words: the upper winds blow the tops of the high clouds, off to a distance, this one might be torn about 80 miles!

*This* is why there are no hurricanes or even tropical depressions, in the Gulf or Atlantic, as of now, July 30th! If this pattern continues, and i think it will, there will be ZERO hurricnes this year, and fall will begin for the Northlands, by middle of August.

[I took a second photo, a photo from the west stairwell, looking at
another thunderstorm. This other storm is "new" and the top is only blown off to the south just a little bit. But one can see this process a bit better, as one looks at the side of the storm.
by an hour, this western storm had a cloudtop that was pulled about 100 miles, to the south!!]

Uploaded by freestone on 30 Jul 07, 9.06AM EDT.

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