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my upstate aunt's farm

my upstate aunt's farm, originally uploaded by freestone.

my upstate aunt's farm
My aunt, who lives where i grew up, in upstate new york, in the finger lakes region, sent to me this photo. I tried to take a picture of the photo, the table background makes a very good border, I feel; the "rustic wood" frame fits with this image.

So quiet here. Every sound, for miles around, can be heard, on a windless day. Only the birds, and a far far off farm tractor, maybe, can be heard. The hawks float over the filelds, their cry can be heard for a mile. On a claer day, I can see 60 miles across cayuga lake, from behind this barn

Incredibly difficult to take a picture of a glossy print, the refections stand out every time!
Then this image is a bit out of focus, maybe this also fits with the Mood, the mood of something that exists today, out of the 1950s, why my aunt still cans vegtables with mason jars, there are some things that can bertter than freezing. She is the church organists, and choir director, she has 8 kids and 26 grandkids.
she is right out of the old 1950s book, "wholesomeness" once meant something Real, and she is of this Cloth!

The house is behind the plants, the barn can dimly be seen, I like that feeling of the Open spaces, one can see why way into the distance, here on the high hill prairies of the finger lakes, this is the *very* beginning of the midwest, down to the Conservatism and even the tornadoes, one passed near here a few years ago.
*This* is the type of place where if you lived alone and cooked for yourself, that *meant* that you were not in a good place as there was no one that loved you, and you HAD to do everything for yourself: marrage and job stability counted nearly for all!

Church socials dish-to-pass, are alive and well, here.

I lived here in the 90s, in my small town of Interlaken, every ten years they build one house, they had just finished that one house, in 1997, a "mcmansion". A town of 600 people.
I would ofetn walk the four miles down to have supper with her and her husband
Why a day that I wanted to shop for stuff, as i lived in this town, why I could walk all over the two block-sized business section, and go into all of the stores to buy five things, in one hour if i wanted to, but I would spend hours talking to people. NOW I see what a great sevice Walmart, and the other large superstores have done, especially for seniors like me who cannot perhaps get around too well, why one can visit just one store and buy everything that you need, in one trip; critics of the big box stores forget this!

So pretty, in this mid-may scene, but the snowdrifts covered nearly the bushes last winter!

Her oldest son now owns and runs the farm, he grows organic soybeans.

So in this multi-tasking world of 40 minute commutes each way and where 60% of all food eaten is eaten in a car, and most windows do not open and earbuds are the rule, and NO ONE has the time to have a meal at home with the family,
[ I overheard one man, recently, bear his souls to his friend about how he FORCES his family to all sit down together one day a month, else no one ever ever would get them all togther, one meal, one person, who has the ability when each member has a different schedule?!]
Yes, in the big city if there are two teens in the family, the family needs four cars very muchly and the hairdresser is in *this* direction, and the school is in another direction: life is scattered in 20 places so 30 miles to shop or do your stuff, is the True Reality!

Thus a simpler life still exists, but who would want it if they had it?!

This aunt is a very very devout christian lady and most of her "kids" are too, they all are nearly "Amish" in their way of life and beliefs. They have been married, I think, for about 50 years, what marrage lasts even five years today: most of the people that I know under 50 have been divorced *several* times!
--the Price to pay for homemade cookies, in the age where many kids do not know what a homemade anything is!
the Price to pay for Certainitude of a certain ilk, the church is the center of the social life and bed by 10 and up by 7.

One summer week she had one of her oldest daughter's sons there
on vacation, this daughter had nine kids and she lives the life like of the Amish that are just down the road, she cooks all the food from scratch and NO television and computer ever, and Bible-homeschooling.
I ate supper with the three boys and now I Know what "Wholesome" really means; these teens were positive, outgoing, caring, with "clean" vibes..[recite the boy scout Oath, to describe them!]
Today the oldest boy is going to be a missionary in, I think, Central America.
[I note that the newly moved-in Amish people, here, in the 90s, also have very very happy kids, even if they are thin and raggy-clothes!
no tv or games or public school for them either: compare with the teens of today, in the cities!!]

You have to create your own entertainments, here!

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