Thursday, June 07, 2007

the evil eye

--a posting to a forum about a problem with people's personal things, that i photographed.

PART ONE......

hi all

oh I had a strange experience today, this is where something that might look innocent and might BE innocent for other people, is not for me!!

As you know I have my flickr site.
again, the url.

Yesterday i was indoor of my senior apartments and I felt very fortunate to be able to take a very very nice photo of two ladies sitting. then I took an even nicer photo of a bible on a table with a bookmark of a part of someone's notes, the lady reading her bible let me take it.

I uploaded both yesterday evening.

today someone commented upon the bible photo, saying that he really loves this image, "your best yet, freestone" he says.

today I wanted to take that bible photo and enter it into my 60-odd groups, the various flickr "clubs" that he themes for the photos, thus this image would appear in each one of them and eventually maybe 200 to 3,000 people will come to my site to see the full sized image.

but as I was placing this image into the 60 groups, about group number 15,
suddenly discovered that the groups-list-window was corrupted!
then I found that ALL of my images now had this special window corrupted!

was the site down?

I quit and left for coffee!

as i got on my bus, I was irked at how flickr crashed right in my special

but there are NO accidents, and I felt very very uneasy about this one, in fact i was uneasy all day over "something"! no spiritual feelings at all, as if i were "laboring" over something.

on the way out to the coffee shop, the little old lady who sometimes sits with me, got on and she moaned about how she has to go today to get another set of glasses as she lost her glasses the day before in a store and no one found it or returned it.

I returned later to georgia belle and i used the phone in the kitchen and the kitchen worker was there. she told me that she had just come back from her doctor after the operation for her cataract in one eye and now she can see again!
she showed to me the new glasses she got!

*signifigance*. the lady who lost hers is the "outer", the lady with the new glasses and can see again, is the inner. there is a dissonance between my outer and my inner, as if there is something that i *ought* to know, but am ignoring!

so as i walked down to the university library, i admitted a kind of "defeat"!
I now Knew that I was breaking an inner spiritual Law, breaking it by doing, in the outer life, by posting these images, what my inner soul nature Holds To Be True. [ for me ]

and what was it that i seem to have to ACCEPT for myself and for my daily livings, something that seems to be not an operating law of life to most people?!

that any personal object OR even a photo of a personal object, if let out where other people can see it, this object is affected by their thought-collective judgement on it!!

as in.....suppose i had two glasses of nice cold milk. I took a photo of one glass and then placed both in the fridge and then took the photo and posted it on the internet, or showed it to people at a gathering. the people on the internet and the people at the meeting, suppose they did not like milk, or *that* glass of milk.

two days later i take both glasses out of the fridge, the one that was not photoed, is still ok. the one that had the picture taken is now SPOILED!!

Ancient Wisdom.

do not let others see you personal life or your possessions! I have read that in old europe or old new york, the jewish merchants would place your purchase in a brown sack or bag so that no one could see it and thus envy it and give to it THE EVIL EYE!!

so, i removed all of the two photos, then i went and removed all the photos that delt with personal images of seniors, in my 250 photos.

I vow never ever to take a picture of a person again or even an object that is a personal possession!

no doubt that the editorial about tallahassee, that i wrote, where I told people to accept how this quiet city is now becoming a huge city, why my computer went bonkers and my tooth got infected, within two weeks of this!!

NO WONDER the older people at georgia belle are so so "private". no pictures please. they say this to me over and over if they see my camera.

they may be one to Something!
never ever put down a 'superstition" or Old Way, unless one KNOWS that it is not right!


If i were to offer to you a cricket bat, or a baseball bat, and give you the big end and i still hold the other end, you can move my hand by moving your end.

if i place a photo of a plant, owned by someone, on the internet, then if they do not like it, the plant could suffer or even wilt, as the thoughtforms tear at it!!

little wonder the older southern generation seems to "want to please' and "not to ruffle feathers", not to make others dislike them as other people's dislike could be really POISONOUS behind their backs returning to them like of a dart!!

maybe , people, i will go hide, in that sense!!

well that is my event of the day, i will see and feel if my strange mood of the morning now goes away!


PART TWO, a reply to the first posting

hi all...

yes, had a bit of mis-givings when I pulled about 20 photos from my Flickr, some of them were my best shots! And why was it that many many people there show personal items right and left without a trace of this "evil eye"?!

I can think of two possibilities.

1...that only those "under the law" get problems with this; they can show the most personal of items right and left and nothing ever happens! BUT! If someone has taken a soul-vow of a Spiritual path, either Christian or one of the other spiritual paths that involve "occult experiences", then this Law becomes active for them! would I know if the "innocent people" who shows pictures of items or show their private ideas and possessions in public get off scot free?!! Maybe they have strange happenings that they do not see the inner connections for, thus there is no feedback for them to stop.
Like: a man shows his new restored antique car, at a car show, and a month later it breaks down.
Like: someone brags how nice his new job is, and then two weeks later the company lays him off due to company poor profit showings and they are cutting back!
Like: a man writes a critical editorial in the paper, and people do not like it and a week later he slips on the ice and falls, breaking his leg!

who would ever make the Connection?

Recently I, myself, wrote an editorial about how this pretty city is growing so fast that all of the trees are being cut and "you all better get used to urban-ness". a week later I had an infected tooth and then my computer's motherboard bit the dust, failed!

the engineer's creed, "It it works it is Real", is a sword that cuts both ways! if something that is of a "superstition" or "of the Old Way", Works, I see it in my life over and over, PAY ATTENTION!
[ i have seen this, on my own life, and in others, that I have to accept this Law to be true ]

I have heard that some very devout Christian mystics consider *any* gossup about someone else to lead one, after they die, to go to the Place where MURDERERS's go when they die, as these christians consider gossup in any form to BE murder, character murder of the soul, of the person talked about, especially if the talking is "negative and not true"!

Ideally, from now on, I should never ever talk "negative" about anyone, do not show my possessions to others, do not make a critical editorial in the papers, even if i feel that i am "right", do not take pictures of someone's personal objects, do not talk about others personal things, to other people, and similar

basicly the Law works like this: that there is a link between the Object, its inner image in someone
else's mind, its photo image too, and what is thought about this object or idea. Thus someone can influence the state of this object, from a distance in space and time. Even if an "admirer" loves this object, if in their uncousciousness they envey it, and thus want it removed if they cannot have it, *and* have native psychic powers, the "evil eye" will operate. That person's envey will come back onto the object.
like: one of my photos that i removed was a beloved Bible, where the lady was reading it, the Book was sitting on the table with a sheet of handwritten notes as a pagemarker.
Lets say 1000 people, in, look at it. Most will love this photo. but there are a lot of very Intelligent but cynical people there, on this site, who are the "intellectuals of the liberal left" bent of thinkings, and most of these people are *VERY* dislikeful of anything religious!
Thus, lets say that 700 people love this image but of the 300 people that do NOT like it, these people
really *really* dislike it, with all of the power of their emotions! Ouch!
This "mass-mind" of condemnation comes back onto the bible and to her. maybe this Bible gets dropped, or coffee is spilled onto it. or WORSE, she, when she reads it, in the future, she has
some strange feelings and emotions, as she reads it, feelings of anger and dread, ruining the moment, and she, clueless, just thinks that she is having a bad day!

maybe there is a REASON why so many many movie stars and music performers have such messy lives!!

I will now apologize to the flickr site that i have and Tell them that now my photostream will be from now on...