Thursday, June 28, 2007

the Crown of Glory!

the Crown of Glory!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Crown of Glory!
a zoomlens closeup of the top of a thunderstorm cloud.
Taken in very late afternoon, looking to the west.

This storm is severe; probably the rise of cloud into the atmosphere
is so fast, that the shock wave creates a level of cloud above the actual stormcloud. Nearly "rainbowlike" in color.

The "technical" write-up stuff does little for the "Awe effect" that this cloud gives to me. Here is a mystery of nature, should not be missed, these things, as the sky is still not cowded with man's buildings, and can be looked at by all, *if* one chooses to look upwards!

Tallahassee, florida. usa.

Uploaded by freestone on 9 Jun 07, 10.24AM EDT.

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