Sunday, May 13, 2007

see florida burn!

see florida burn!, originally uploaded by freestone.

see florida burn!
the view from my fith floor window, here in tallahassee, florida, usa, about 3 PM, looking North.


probably the whole North of florida east of tallahassee looks like this, if not worse!

maybe too too many people been praying for "no hurricanes"!

what I feel poor florida needs now, is about four cat 4 hurricanes back to back, everywheres in the state!

wind out, or burn out!

my lungs have problems with this, if it gets much worse, I will have to evacuate!

South of tallahassee is the Appalcahicola national forest. 80 by 60 miles of nothing but pine trees! if *that* catches afire, I can imagine it now, a wall of fire 300 foot tall and 20 miles long advances north towards the tree covered wooden housed tallahassee.
A whole city burns to the ground, all 300,000 people have only black ash for property.
"a" whole town or city, here in florida, might indeed burn up.

I guess this is global warming at work, but i read that historicly all of the great plains and the eastern usa forests, are fire-driven! fires are a way of life and now man has suppressed them so, that
300 years of past dues are indeed due! so so much leaves and sticks litter the forest with "smoky the bear" ever the vigilant!

I guess this is one reason why I have not taken many pictures of late, lots of dry dead grass and smoky skies, a bit like "death warmed over"! Who wants to enjoy seeing a region of the country slowly die!!

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