Sunday, May 06, 2007

a real thunderhead!

a real thunderhead!, originally uploaded by freestone.

a real thunderhead!

a very late afternoon sunset upon a thunderstorm.

dry dry dry. been too too dry here in tallahassee, florida, usa, of late.
I fear that there could be no rain at all this year, making for several years of fires and desertness.
Acold front tries to make a shower. there is more today, but weak, probably all will pass by and the air will be cool and 10% humidity dry.

maybe no hurricanes, at least, maybe even the summer rains will fail too.

probably soon everyone in florida will have to move back up north, where the rains are, why for April, I read, new york city got over 13 inches of rain. my aunt's farmer-son had for July last year
about 20 inches of rain.
FLOODS will be the rule for the northeast for a few years.

---that is freestone's "forecast-o-matic, for the weather for the next few years, for the eastern usa!

Uploaded by freestone on 6 May '07, 3.04pm EDT.

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