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freestone wilson

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hi all.

In these Times of maybe 2012 near the end times, maybe people who knew me during my lifetime might want to find me.

Thus I write this for Google, not for you, really!! Google will add this to the files, then the keywords will come up.

Freestone wilson

I was born in Interlaken, new york, near Ovid, new york, and trumansburg. in seneca county between cayuga and senca lake.
I attended the Interlaken central school, graduated in 1960. 28 kids in my graduating class.
Family: the bassette. wilson. brewer. bennet. freestone. covert. tunison. Fred freestone. Crash a family reunion, here, and if your family is an old family, you would find that you are not crashing: everyone is related to someone else, my hometown is so small at 600 people that they build one house every ten years.
Reformed church, interlaken. baptist church: i was in these churches. grange. boy scouts.
Then off the college, Florida state university at tallahassee. I went caving, the caving club, the Seminole spelunking club. FSU marching band. I was a weather major, meteorology.
I failed miserably, too too much math and physics! I then tried the Forest ranger school at lake city, florida, 1963, which promply burned down!
I then joined tyhe US Air force, my first base was at myrtle beach Air force base, i worked in the computer room. then off to japan, tokyo area, Yakota air force base.
I was in the 67th RTS, in around 1967.
Back to live in Rochester, ny york, around 1968, I opened an antique shop called "the wood runner shop". I got to know a group of hippies, they called themselves the
Gallucci family" [maybe the galuci family]. all of over 200+ people, most of the artists of the city.
I had my cottage at bergan beach near my hometown and i got to know ithaca well. keywords: american brahman book store, moosewood cafe, the yea god family, cabbagetown, deWitt mall, Samdaria bakery. dawes hill.
Ilived with my sister: asheville. hot springs. Suanna wilson. MSW wilson. madison county. Trust, north carolina. Carbondale, Illinois. "Wilson's typing service".

so now I live in tallahassee, at the georgia belle senior home. keywords: dixie drive. Tallahassee senior center ,[1987] .strozier library, [1971 mail clerk].

this is all the google stuff. the more interesting stuff is harder to write!


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