Friday, May 18, 2007

florida drought: grass in rigor mortis!

florida drought: grass in rigor mortis!
the grass next to a parking lot, looks dead. Only ten inches of rain, at may 18th, for the year-to-date, and no rain in sight for weeks.

tallahassee, florida, usa.

Nothing looks alive. the grass with more soil near it, out in the fields, does not look quite so bad. If the rainy season fails, like of no-hurricane last year, their might be only 15 inches of rain for the whole year, in a city that usually gets over 60 inches.
This dryness began in 2003, probably seven years long, thus three more to go.

florida needs many hurricanes or Else! but I would not be surprised that the forcasters will yet again have egg on their face as their might well be no hurricanes this year either.
or next year. or the year after!

the Terrible Secret is....that florida's lushness is driven by tropical storms, without these, the scattered afternoon thunderstorms only bring lightning to start yet more fires!

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