Friday, May 04, 2007

angery man


the guy sat down behind me, in the cafe, as i was reading the Times. I tossed the times onto the table behind me and I did not see him sit down at it.
he gave to me a very very sarcastic remark.
When I turned away, I heard him talk for many minutes about the carpenters at his house, how utterly incompentant they were.
Suddenly I Saw, inwardly, that this man is like this every single moment with everyone. And he probably feels that every angstrum of his anger and rage is justified!

There are many like him.

I see two pianos in a room, when you strike, say, the "G" key, the "G" string on the other piano will vibrate in unison, and only that one string, even if the piano is 20 feet away.
Thus here is a man in a "loop"! he sends out anger and thus makes others angry and then he replies justified in his stance and thus as I sat there, i just knew that the only language that this person knew was the language of "Confrontations"!
He he had any kind of "occult" powers, he would maybe attract to him anyone who is angry, and even every single carpenter that comes for employment, why if there was one man in ten who was "angry" this person would be the One to come do the work.
and of course this angry person is *quite* justified in his stances of anger and confrontation, why he might tell you that "everything has gone to S..T, these days", and then confront you if you tried to disagree with him! and the only way to "dialogue" with him in the Language that he knows, is to be confrontative and angry, in return!

it is said..."One can live in hell before one dies"!