Monday, April 16, 2007

virgina school shootings

the virgina tech school shootings

the worst rampage ever, in history.

but am i surprised?!
i mean the self-actualization movement says to "let it all out, open up, be yourself"!

look along the street, i saw such a man today! here was a man SO enarmored with self-repressions, so bricklike, that i was walking towads him and he looked like an angry tank. i have gooten good, now, at walkingoff of the sidewalk to let these people go by *without* letting them feel that i am over-reacting and being afriad of them!
if these people were ever EVER to have thier armor crack open to express their self-repressed selves, why they would possibly become a super-nova of 50+ years of hate all let loose at once!

there are 100,000+ here in america ans surely in england too.

this is what you have to have if you give people the freedome to become anything that they want to become! some will mis-use it, of course.

that is...everything has a price and your now see the cost. years ago, maybe in the 50s, he might have been locked up in ward 6 for all of his life, back in that snakepit of a mental hospital but safe from us all, even though he lives in terrible conditions. now he is free, like you are free.

it si what you DO with your freedom that Counts, please use it well.