Friday, April 20, 2007

the special evening sky

the special evening sky, originally uploaded by freestone.

the special evening sky
I like this one!

There is something, to me, Special, about this evening sky, here, in Tallahassee, florida, usa.

I first thought that this image is "just another sky snap"; but whenever I look at this photo, I have a subtle but profound feeling come over me.

"wistfullness" , "mystery" , "mysticness"

So peaceful.

The only analogy for this image might be that of an old European
village at twilight, the days work is done, you are standing near the village fields, but you can hear an opera being broadcast through a radio, back in one of those houses, the window must be open. The opera itself has to do with some Old German theme of mysticism
and Ancient history, when Magic was part of life, and there were magic-meisters who knew of spells that could be invoked and casted. A fairy or an angel might appear too.

Uploaded by freestone on 19 Apr '07, 9.43am EDT

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