Saturday, April 21, 2007

my new weblog!

hi all....

well I have now seen, in these latter days approaching 2012, that I should make it easy for people to read some of my dreams, visions, and OBE's [out of body astral travels]. Visions of heaven, visions of the end of civilization, even an Alien abduction expereince!
the Yahoo group is Ok, and it has also OTHER people's end time visions on it, plus some of my other writings, but one has to sign in as a yahoo member first, plus some of the files are in formats that might be harder to read.
yahoogroups freestonefiles

so here, in blogger, I have made a special weblog just to place many of my written-up experiences, so that there is one per page, then you can read them better..


thank you......freestone