Monday, April 30, 2007

the lush green Tallahassee park

the lush green Tallahassee park, originally uploaded by freestone.

the lush green Tallahassee park
This park is downtown. Main street is behind me. I can see why so many visitors like this city, even with the growth of the population and the developments. Even in one of the driest years on record, there is green here.

tallahassee, florida, usa

In the morning, when I cross this park, usually there are a couple of homeless men here, sitting on a bench or two. I saw the "master's degree" guy, here, today. he has a masters degree, i hear, worked perhaps on his doctors, then he had a city bus hit him, and they more or less scraped his brains off of the pavement and poured them back in: now he lives in the Shelter and has now for almost ten years. After the lawsuit was settled, i guess he cannot live on his own anymore, he now has scambled eggs for a brain and probably for life too.
Better for him to live at the Shelter than in some windowless Institution, i guess. This park comes with that.

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