Monday, April 30, 2007

the lush green Tallahassee park

the lush green Tallahassee park, originally uploaded by freestone.

the lush green Tallahassee park
This park is downtown. Main street is behind me. I can see why so many visitors like this city, even with the growth of the population and the developments. Even in one of the driest years on record, there is green here.

tallahassee, florida, usa

In the morning, when I cross this park, usually there are a couple of homeless men here, sitting on a bench or two. I saw the "master's degree" guy, here, today. he has a masters degree, i hear, worked perhaps on his doctors, then he had a city bus hit him, and they more or less scraped his brains off of the pavement and poured them back in: now he lives in the Shelter and has now for almost ten years. After the lawsuit was settled, i guess he cannot live on his own anymore, he now has scambled eggs for a brain and probably for life too.
Better for him to live at the Shelter than in some windowless Institution, i guess. This park comes with that.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

the sky under global warming

the sky under global warming, originally uploaded by freestone.

the sky under global warming
a nice view of the sky, with spanish mossed live oak limbs.

tallahassee florida usa

another nice day, temp about 85 degrees. been dry here since
febuary! Hardly any rain at all, as if the sky gods *want* it to be Dry!
The usual rainfall per month, here, is about 3 to 8 inches, this year from Feb till end of april the rain has been nearly ZERO!

I fear Global warming is the culpret! the jet stream has been moved north of where it usually is, been this way for a couple of years now.
Thus the rain bringing storms are north too. Atlanta is now tallahassee and tallahassee is now orlando, for latitude!

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Tuesday, April 24, 2007

a nice evening where I live

a nice evening where I live, originally uploaded by freestone.

a nice evening where I live
yes, the evening hours, maybe all of 80 degrees. Sun casts shadows, the time of reflection and the time where the worlds meet.

tallahassee, florida usa.

Even "ordinary" snaps can have meaning. ordinary snaps can reveal things about a city or place that the chamber of commerce does not show to you!

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

my new weblog!

hi all....

well I have now seen, in these latter days approaching 2012, that I should make it easy for people to read some of my dreams, visions, and OBE's [out of body astral travels]. Visions of heaven, visions of the end of civilization, even an Alien abduction expereince!
the Yahoo group is Ok, and it has also OTHER people's end time visions on it, plus some of my other writings, but one has to sign in as a yahoo member first, plus some of the files are in formats that might be harder to read.
yahoogroups freestonefiles

so here, in blogger, I have made a special weblog just to place many of my written-up experiences, so that there is one per page, then you can read them better..


thank you......freestone

Friday, April 20, 2007

the special evening sky

the special evening sky, originally uploaded by freestone.

the special evening sky
I like this one!

There is something, to me, Special, about this evening sky, here, in Tallahassee, florida, usa.

I first thought that this image is "just another sky snap"; but whenever I look at this photo, I have a subtle but profound feeling come over me.

"wistfullness" , "mystery" , "mysticness"

So peaceful.

The only analogy for this image might be that of an old European
village at twilight, the days work is done, you are standing near the village fields, but you can hear an opera being broadcast through a radio, back in one of those houses, the window must be open. The opera itself has to do with some Old German theme of mysticism
and Ancient history, when Magic was part of life, and there were magic-meisters who knew of spells that could be invoked and casted. A fairy or an angel might appear too.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

mirror mirror on the wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall.

mirror mirror on the wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall, wall.
In some tallahassee mens' room, there are two large mirrors, each facing each other and about ten feet apart.
You know the rest!
a reflection of a reflection, a tunnel of reflections that go Deep.

I wonder how many people who use this bathroom notice these two mirrors and take a look at a lot of themselves going into infinity?!

The mirros have to be perfectly facing each other for the full effect.
I once sw, in a cafe in Georgia, two mirros about 20 feet apart that were so perfectly facing each other and I must have peered about a mile into these reflections, my face peering from the side of each mirror.
O bviously me and the camera would get in the way, but i could not resist trying to get this image to work.

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640 x 480

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

springtime in the urban district.

springtime in the urban district.
here one block from the downtown, of Tallahassee, florida, usa, it is spring. the temperature, now about 3 PM, is about 80 degrees.

Live oaks draped with Spanish Moss, and the usual cars.

Nothing really special, maybe except that even downtown the city is pretty.

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Monday, April 16, 2007

virgina school shootings

the virgina tech school shootings

the worst rampage ever, in history.

but am i surprised?!
i mean the self-actualization movement says to "let it all out, open up, be yourself"!

look along the street, i saw such a man today! here was a man SO enarmored with self-repressions, so bricklike, that i was walking towads him and he looked like an angry tank. i have gooten good, now, at walkingoff of the sidewalk to let these people go by *without* letting them feel that i am over-reacting and being afriad of them!
if these people were ever EVER to have thier armor crack open to express their self-repressed selves, why they would possibly become a super-nova of 50+ years of hate all let loose at once!

there are 100,000+ here in america ans surely in england too.

this is what you have to have if you give people the freedome to become anything that they want to become! some will mis-use it, of course.

that is...everything has a price and your now see the cost. years ago, maybe in the 50s, he might have been locked up in ward 6 for all of his life, back in that snakepit of a mental hospital but safe from us all, even though he lives in terrible conditions. now he is free, like you are free.

it si what you DO with your freedom that Counts, please use it well.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

hanging by a thread!

hanging by a thread!, originally uploaded by freestone.

hanging by a thread!
storm broken branches of this pine tree.

These branches have hung on like this for years, now.
I have seen another pine tree with similar "almost" broken-off branches, and it took about ten years before the limbs fell to the ground.

some of the old southern "shack" houses, built of heart-pinewood, built in the late 1800s, and never ever painted, look today just as
they did in the 19th centuary, not a bit of rot!

tallahassee. florida usa.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

iraq, my take.

my prediction for America.

but first, please read this yahoo news article about Iraq!
Back to Story - HelpInsider: Missteps soured Iraqis on U.S. By CHARLES J. HANLEY, AP Special CorrespondentMon Apr 9, 2:08 AM ET[yahoo news]
In a rueful reflection on what might have been, an Iraqi government insider details in 500 pages the U.S. occupation's "shocking" mismanagement of his country — a performance so bad, he writes, that by 2007 Iraqis had "turned their backs on their would-be liberators."
"The corroded and corrupt state of Saddam was replaced by the corroded, inefficient, incompetent and corrupt state of the new order," Ali A. Allawi concludes in "The Occupation of Iraq," newly published by Yale University Press.
Allawi writes with authority as a member of that "new order," having served as Iraq's trade, defense and finance minister at various times since 2003. As a former academic, at Oxford University before the U.S.-British invasion of Iraq, he also writes with unusual detachment.
The U.S.- and British-educated engineer and financier is the first senior Iraqi official to look back at book length on his country's four-year ordeal. It's an unsparing look at failures both American and Iraqi, an account in which the word "ignorance" crops up repeatedly.
First came the "monumental ignorance" of those in Washington pushing for war in 2002 without "the faintest idea" of Iraq's realities. "More perceptive people knew instinctively that the invasion of Iraq would open up the great fissures in Iraqi society," he writes.
What followed was the "rank amateurism and swaggering arrogance" of the occupation, under L. Paul Bremer's Coalition Provisional Authority (CPA), which took big steps with little consultation with Iraqis, steps Allawi and many others see as blunders:
• The Americans disbanded Iraq's army, which Allawi said could have helped quell a rising insurgency in 2003. Instead, hundreds of thousands of demobilized, angry men became a recruiting pool for the resistance.
• Purging tens of thousands of members of toppled President Saddam Hussein's Baath party — from government, school faculties and elsewhere — left Iraq short on experienced hands at a crucial time.
• An order consolidating decentralized bank accounts at the Finance Ministry bogged down operations of Iraq's many state-owned enterprises.
• The CPA's focus on private enterprise allowed the "commercial gangs" of Saddam's day to monopolize business.
• Its free-trade policy allowed looted Iraqi capital equipment to be spirited away across borders.
• The CPA perpetuated Saddam's fuel subsidies, selling gasoline at giveaway prices and draining the budget.
In his 2006 memoir of the occupation, Bremer wrote that senior U.S. generals wanted to recall elements of the old Iraqi army in 2003, but were rebuffed by the Bush administration. Bremer complained generally that his authority was undermined by Washington's "micromanagement."
Although Allawi, a cousin of Ayad Allawi, Iraq's prime minister in 2004, is a member of a secularist Shiite Muslim political grouping, his well-researched book betrays little partisanship.
On U.S. reconstruction failures — in electricity, health care and other areas documented by Washington's own auditors — Allawi writes that the Americans' "insipid retelling of `success' stories" merely hid "the huge black hole that lay underneath."
For their part, U.S. officials have often largely blamed Iraq's explosive violence for the failures of reconstruction and poor governance.
The author has been instrumental since 2005 in publicizing extensive corruption within Iraq's "new order," including an $800-million Defense Ministry scandal. Under Saddam, he writes, the secret police kept would-be plunderers in check better than the U.S. occupiers have done.
As 2007 began, Allawi concludes, "America's only allies in Iraq were those who sought to manipulate the great power to their narrow advantage. It might have been otherwise."
depressing, it is...
No one there seems to be able to handle to democratic process that is supposed to replace Saddam, both the Iraqs and the westerners!
I read that Iraq people are "not ready for democracy"!
But I phrase it this way: WE are not ready for the true democracy ofthe "new Age" where each of us is "independant" and truly free and Intelligent!
since the 1960s there is now so so much information availible, so many help groups, so many opportunities.
but this is "grad school level" of civilization, and most of us, here in the West, are in about 5th grade!!
So.What I see, in America, and in the west, today, is that each of usshould have an IQ of 200, a high high Moral/ethical sense, and a greaterability to Feel feelings, especially Love.many many of us do not measure up to the "demands" of 2007!thus all of this freedom just goes "to the lower chackras"!Some of us us this freedom to spam the internet, do drugs, steal, kill......etc...etc!
the information age is growing in speed and complexity and the rate of change is growing ever the faster. Thus more and more people are not being able to keep up.
At the rate this is going, soon each of us will be self-employed, working subcontracting, and work for a different company each month. no health insurance, no pension. stores and shops will last one month, brands will change by the week.
so here is my prediction:---that as this rate of change keeps increasing, soon us all will have a collective nervious breakdown, and then yell out "enough enough", as by now there will be no securities, no stable way of life, for anyone. no marriages, no families, no "ground' to stand on!
thus the Pendulum will swing back and yes, overcorrects. We each and all would elect a dictator and or some collective way of life that has it where every single thing that each of us does will be Determined!:determined" as in "extreme christian fundamentalism" or the "fuedal japan" way of life!
then all of us will sigh a sigh of relief, then go on living, knowing that we gave up all of these freedoms so that we can live.Much like the Germans who, in the late 20s, brought wheelborrowsfull of mony to market to buy a pound of potatoes, the middle classhad all of its values ruined, so then they elected someone who stopped this!
no one can live in a vacuum of "no boundries" for long! most of us cannot handle the freedom that we have now! this is my "messege from iraq"!*this* is what Iraq is telling me.In order to handle this freedom that is ever ever coming down the pike of time, each of us needs a huge ethical sense, a feeling of love for one's neighbor, and maybe an IQ of 200 of Intelligence, otherwise there is a "short circuit" into "no morals, crime," etc.
"the greater the liberations, the more need for self-disipline"!

Thursday, April 05, 2007

subtropical spring path

subtropical spring path, originally uploaded by freestone.

subtropical spring path
Tis now March, here in Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

This alley i have photographed before, no two visits are the same. Here you can see the fronds of the cabbage palm, two r three kinds of vines, camphor trees, and a feeling of general rot.

Taken in the very late afternoon, already the whole path is in shadow.

This path is only a couple of blocks from where I live, at the georgia belle senior apartments.

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Peplum, originally uploaded by Lapsus.

Roman reenactors at the "Festival of History", Northampton, UK.

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Yes, I had no Idea that there are roman army reenactors. A whole world of reenactment. i suppose there are other time periods too, I have known of WW I renactments, as well as the american civil war.

Tuesday, April 03, 2007

roman renactionalists

Amazing what one can find on the web, here is a photo of an English roman legion re-enactionalist group. There are many many, all over the world.
the image is from the site, above.

The Auxiliary unit of Legio VI FFC based in the Southeastern United States, Cohors II Italica Civium Romanorum (of Roman Citizens). The unit exists primarily to participate in re-enactments, presentations, dramas, and related events. Men Women, and children are welcome, each can be involved in a myriad of ways.

Cohors II Ital is based primarily on the Cohort stationed in Caesarea in the 20-70 AD Period. It is mentioned several times in historical references, including the Bible!

Welcome to the homepage of Cohors II Ital!