Thursday, March 15, 2007

The southern mansion revealed.

The southern mansion revealed., originally uploaded by freestone.

The southern mansion revealed.
Yes, a real southern mansion dating from the late 1800s, now owned by a law firm, where they have their offices.
[takes a Huge income to restore a house like this!]

Tallahassee, florida usa.

Tallahassee had maybe only 5,000 people around 1920, some of the plantation owners lived in the city. Shades of slaves and servants. There is a plantation house a few blocks away that might have a fireplace in each room, maybe 20 fireplaces in all. Just imagine the work required to keep them all going on a cold day!

So here is a house, now an office, with the usual Azaleas out front.

I had a brief Imagination as I was placing this image in the groups.
I imagined how someone would have bought this house, years a go, to live in, a nice old southern house along a main street near
downtown. But this owner finds that he and his family now have Obligations to Meet: to live up to the calling that this house infers, to be of the Old Southern gentry class!
Anything that you own has Obligations, I read once..."never ever wear a hat with more character than you have"! Could this person live up this the obligations of this house?
--to give the parties?
--to rise up in social standings, with the costs that infers.
--to keep up the house, one cannot let it look frazzled!

One would almost have to *become* the image of what is infered
by what this house looks like!

Like of the freshman student might be "pulled" into become a good student, by the Architecture of the "Ivy League Gothic" buildings, all covered in ivy!

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