Monday, March 26, 2007

the senior Prom

the senior Prom, originally uploaded by freestone.

the senior Prom
I live at georgia belle apartments for independant living, at tallahasssee, fla, usa.
Here on the wall of the elevator is a notice about a "senior prom" to be held at the university, Florida State.

Tis spring and prom time for the high schoolers.

For many seniors who grew up in the 20s to the 40s, the Prom was the very most important social event of the year, people have been "crushed for life" by being snubbed or not invited here.

Here at Georgia Belle, there have been, over the last sevearl years, at least two marriages, where two single seniors in the buliding, married, and now live togther.
Also, sort of out of my "eyesight" I hear rumors that sex is alive and well, here, the rumor mill works overtime cranking out all of the details!

Just because you are 70 or 80, does not mean that infatuation, love, and "dating" are over!!

I wonder how many men are taking Vigaria, here?!

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