Tuesday, February 20, 2007

evening at the graves of the war vets

evening at the graves of the war vets
I came across the city cemetery area, yesterday, about 6PM, near sunset, the area of the cemetery for the veterans of the wars. The flag is at half-mast, the spansih moss is fitting, the late sun casting the last bit of rays upon these Stones.
Sometimes at the front, various churches leave their Service flowers on the front stones, after their services are over with. Too, some people leave flowers for their loved ones. the "Large view" shows a number of left flowers, here and there.
Wars have Costs.....The World wars saved western civilization, but the recent two wars seemed to me, the Vietnam and the Iraq wars, to
lack this Feeling of Sacrifice, for me.

A severe test of my new canon powershot a610, a late suntime!

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