Tuesday, January 16, 2007


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FREESTONE'S WRITINGSHello visitors!I have had over 100 dreamvisions, over the years, of being taken by guides and Angels, to visit the afterlife, heaven, worlds. I have written up some of these experiences, here, and have them on file for you to read. They are in the "Files" section, to your left, please click on "files" to access them. They are under the heading...."MY VISIONS OF HEAVEN".. I am taken by Guides and angels to see places in the heaven, afterlife, realms, in my dreams!".There are other sections of the "files" too... some writings of other people, concerning the end times, ufo-abductions, prophecy, and more topics.Please sign up with this list to get, in your mailbox, new files that I will add. Maybe only 1 to 3 additions per week: not flood your mailbox!

There are about ten visions, that I have written up, that I have experienced over the last few years, concerning
the probable end of civilization as we know it, due to some as yet unkown earthchanges beyond anything that people can imagine today!

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