Wednesday, January 24, 2007

happy everything!

happy everything!, originally uploaded by freestone.

happy everything!
One reef to cover them all!
Here at my Senior Residence, Georgia Belle Apartments for Independant Living, there are about 150 apartments, with about 150 doors. Most residents put something up on the door.
[not single men, most of them have nothing on their doors!]
This person made this reef, "Happy Everything"! One reef to cover them all, all of the holidays!

I do not know this person, but i can make an educated Guess as to
her history.
the Reef!
from clockwise from the top:
---snowman is for winter.
---heart is for valintine's day.
---bunny is for Easter.
---flower [rose? camelia?] is for spring.
---"red object covered by leaf" might be Memorial day.
---flag is for 4th of july.
---watermelon is not only for summer, perhaps she is from Montecelo, a town about 30 miles away, a town that celebrates
the watermelon festival.
---the books and apples indicate school begins, she might have been a school teacher!
---the pumpkin is for fall and Halloween.
---the Turkey is for Thankgiving.
---the santa claus is for Christmas.

I do not know this person, and i wonder what her "story' is?
Each of these doors, that are decorated, infer something about the person who lives within. Most of the decorations are "things bought at walmart", readymade, but there are indeed a few very creative people here who make up their own Doors.
[I would like to think that this reef is hand-made, but I really cannot tell]
Often the most "quiet little old lady", has a life where there were some Interesting and amazing things done within her 90-odd years of living.

there are other "doors" in my photostream, images of people's doors
at georgia belle.

my own Door!

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