Tuesday, January 09, 2007

green moss-like algea on a rotting wood wall.

green moss-like algea on a rotting wood wall.
moss? not quite. more like "algea", or "lichen".
the whole wall is covered, ten feet by six.

here in tallahassee. florida, usa, there is 60 inches of rain a year and
days in january of 70 degrees.

I took this photo after about three inches of rain fell, in two days, so the wall got really wet. The falling down shed is well rotted, probably held up by the stored material inside of it.
Note the shadows of the late afternoon creeping across this wall.

a closup, *almost* machro phot, perhaps *A* machro photo, as the camera was about a foot away from the wall, no magnification used.

Almost like artwork. the darker green has a very interesting pattern.

Uploaded by freestone on 8 Jan '07, 9.53am EST.

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