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PICT0060, originally uploaded by ChrisMD123.

Final resting place of Rod Serling, in Interlaken, New York.

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Ah, Interlaken, my hometown!

I grew up here, on a farm about a mile north of town, i could see the town lights at night up the road.

every ten years they build one house, here, a town of maybe 600 people, why there was 28 kids in my graduating class of 1960! Farmers quit and leave, new people come here.
After I left, I came back often to live at my cottage and then to live in town in the 90s for a few years.

I tell people that "I grew up in the twilight Zone"; then i get that Knowing nod from my listeners that infer...."yeah, small towns are like that, all of them"! Then i counter by saying this again, that I spent my 19 childhood years growing up in the twilight Zone, and my parents lived in their rural home until they died.

That Rod Serling twilight zone production, "Walking distance"
is the One that has it where he goes back to his childhood hometown and sees himself at ten years old.

Plot Summary
Walking Distance.
“ Martin Sloan, age thirty-six. Occupation: vice-president, ad agency, in charge of media. This is not just a Sunday drive for Martin Sloan. He perhaps doesn't know it at the time, but it's an exodus. Somewhere up the road he's looking for sanity. And somewhere up the road, he'll find something else. ”

A middle-aged man, Martin Sloane, is driving cross-country when he stops his car. He walks toward his hometown, which appears exactly as it was when he was a boy. He sees himself as a boy, and following him home, meets his parents. Trying to convince his parents that he is their son from the future, he succeeds only in proving his insanity. Martin tries to warn his younger self to enjoy his childhood before it is too late, but his advances scare young Martin, who falls off the merry-go-round and injures his leg. Finally, his father confronts him. Having seen the papers in Martin's wallet and now believing him to be who he says he is, he tells him to return to his own time. Martin finds himself back in his own time, walking with a new limp.

“ Martin Sloan, age thirty-six, vice-president in charge of media. Successful in most things but not in the one effort that all men try at some time in their lives—trying to go home again. And also like all men perhaps there'll be an occasion, maybe a summer night sometime, when he'll look up from what he's doing and listen to the distant music of a calliope, and hear the voices and the laughter of the people and places of his past. And perhaps across his mind there'll flit a little errant wish, that a man might not have to become old, never outgrow the parks and the merry-go-rounds of his youth. And he'll smile then too because he'll know it is just an errant wish, some wisp of memory not too important really, some laughing ghosts that cross a man's mind, that are a part of the Twilight Zone. ”

The park in the episode is said to be inspired by Recreation Park in Rod Serling's hometown of Binghamton, New York. Like the park in "Walking Distance", Recreation Park has a carousel and a bandstand. There is a plaque in the Recreation Park bandstand commemorating the episode.[1][2]

I know where that carousel really was! it was only a small merrygo-round out behind the school, in Interlaken, on the playground!
I also know which soda shop he went to and the car repair shop too, just like I know what street in Interlaken is "Maple street" where the very first zone story occurred, the monsters on maple street.
and why the final years of the twilight zone had "Interlaken productions" at the very end of the credits, "interlaken productions" made the series' shows.

Serling lived there!
or rather, he spent his summers at his cottage just a mile east of town, on cayuga lake, I met and talked to him a number of times, in the 50s!

Rod Serling is buried in the town cemetary too!
His final resting place is in the Lakeview cemetary, outside of town, in the twilight Zone!

I could stand on main street, in the 90s, at 7 am in the morning, on my walk to the cafe, main street is route 96, one of the main roads, before the interstates, between new York City and Rochester/buffalo/canada. I could imagine how as interlaken is "above" new york, looking downwards to the southeast, it is if Interlaken would be like of a "hilltop" overlooking the City and thus be New York's Focus of imaginations! As if what is Imagined, in Interlaken, would be the inspirations for all of the people of New York, for good or bad! I shudder to think that if some "shaman" or
Sorceror or Mage of the Illuminetti would stand in front of, say, the library; he could with his mind and heart, affect the people of new York city, thus us all all over the world!


but rod serling thought of this first!!

Valley of the Shadow
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

"Valley of the Shadow" is an episode of the American television anthology series The Twilight Zone.

[edit] Synopsis
Small-town dwellers have an amazing device which literally gives them what they want, by means of inserting a card into the machine. A reporter named Philip Redfield (Ed Nelson) finds himself unable to leave a small town when he learns too much about a secret mechanical device which can control and rearrange atoms, making things appear and disappear, assemble and reassemble. The town refuses to share this and other amazing technology until "men learn the ways of peace." Redfield becomes romantically involved with (what appears to be the only) female member of the town his age, and she convinces him that she wants to leave the sleepy village. The backwater confinement chafes, and Redfield decides to make a break for it one evening. The lure of saving the world becomes too much for him, and he uses the technology to make a gun. He steals the book of formulas, shooting one of the town elders on the way out. However, the joke is on him. Once he and the girl are just outside the town limits (and the force field), he looks at the book to see it full of blank pages. The town elders, including the mayor Redfield supposedly shot and killed, reveal that the girl was a plant and that Redfield has failed their test spectacularly. The girl tearfully confesses that it wasn't all a lie, implying her love for him was real, but Redfield will have none of it and approaches what he believes to be his imminent death in the surly, combative manner that has characterized him throughout the episode. Since the society cannot break its own laws and execute him, they take away Redfield's memory (or send him back in time), and he returns to where he was at the opening of the episode. The car is gassed up, and Redfield drives out of town none the wiser.

my sister saw this story and she tells me that this person, driving towards interlaken, sees a sign "trumansburg", then passing through this town and the next town was this town in the story, Trumansburg is just the next town south of Interlaken.
the town hall had a computer in the basement that was from an alien very very advanced civilization! the town board keeps it a secret as if people kew they would do just as this person did!

So Interlaken is the home and the center of the Twilight Zone indeed, as if anyone who sits in the town library reading a book of imagination, affects the minds and hearts of all of the new yorkers, thus us all!!

may the Readers and Imaginationers, living in interlaken, Interlaken, think GOOD, positive, Imaginations!!

as Interlaken bills itself as the "heart of the finger lakes", seeing that this town is in the *exact* center of the finger lakes, *and* that the Seneca Indians, the five Tribes, knew that this very inspiring area of the country is where the Great White Spirit placed his hand upon the earth and the water fills up the finger imprintations; that this area is very very "spiritually charged", thus Rod Serling may well indeed be on the something, here!

"its a wonderful life", the movie, was inspired by a large town, Seneca Falls, about 30 miles from Interlaken!

all residents and ex-residents of Interlaken, please pleeeease think and feel uplifting and positive imaginations, now: we all need good influences, in these strange Times of the Iraq war and the Coming apart of our culture, in these a-coming 2012 times!

If Jesus ever were to Come Again, as He Promished, I would wish for him to travel down rt 96 and to visit Interlaken!!


Thursday, December 20, 2007


Zot, originally uploaded by freestone.

lightning takes out a pine tree!

This from last summer. Note how the lightning corkscrewed downwards/upwards in a helical pattern. of course now this tree is dead. This is the fate of many many of tallahassee's pine trees, here in Florida, Tallahassee has over 85 thunderstorm days a year and pine trees have those deep deep tap roots that lightning loves!

I have heard, now, of many many people having their computers taken out too. it is NOT the electic line that lightning comes into, it is often the phone line! Surge-protect that phone/cable line NOW!

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Saturday, November 24, 2007

may they rest in peace.

may they rest in peace., originally uploaded by freestone.

may they rest in peace.
a cemetary scene, here in tallahassee, florida, usa.
"may they rest in peace" feels right for a title, this view felt so peaceful late in the day. The temperature must have been near 75, there was no breeze.
I can see why the first public park, in Philadelphia, pa, was designed by the person who drafted the plans for the Boston cemetary, why even then people would picnic around the stones. Thus cemetaries were the inspiration for the city parks!

Just off to the side of the image is a gravesite where a man's son
was buried, buried about three years ago. His father still comes many days a week and sits on a bench next to his son's stone, I have seen him with a bottle of wine or reading a book. He has lights that come on at dark, lights that look like candles, they are on each and every night.
Behind that large pine tree on the other side of the road is another grave where apparently a son died in late high school and his family
engraved on the stone a near-photographic pictation of his soccer gear.

But this cemetary is also for the Living; many many people jog here and walk their dogs.

yes so peaceful and lush with the subtropical plants amoungst the pine trees. So green on thanksgiving day!

Uploaded by freestone on 24 Nov 07, 10.25AM EST.

Friday, November 16, 2007

a nice hellworld, another vision

hi all.
Yes, this here Freestone has had another astral travel dream, yet another one of these: of course I have such a dream nearly every single night, but some experiences stand out above the others, or is better remembered, such as this one.

read it at my site where I write up my dreams and visions



Friday, November 09, 2007

so many prophecies

hi all...

Just now I have a wonderful, to me, image of how a future event is transmitted to people.

the image is....someone is banging their head against a white drywall. Then he backs away and there is a small spot of blood upon the wall where he hits his head. Also, there is a small patch, upon his head, of a bit of dust, the area of the wall where he hit his head, that area of the wall is now on his head.

thus, the Objective event Imprints upon his Life, seen as maybe a dream or intense dreamvision, or even in a waking Experience, see externally or internally. But only that one spot, on the wall, is on his head!

The experience can only "speak his language", thus he sees the experience in only in what he knows beforehand.

This is what i feel. what I intuivatate: the "fire and brimstone" christain will be shown by spirit the
future in ways that he already has the language support for, thus he know has "on his head' only that small section of the Greater Wall of this event! Then he tells one and all.
The "political conspiricy" person might be shown images of aliens who influence the ten "families who own the oil and direct Bush to bomb the trade center"!

spots on the wall. many many spots and all over the wall, none of the spots are even near each other, no comminication is possible between these spots.

dozens of worldviews are Justified ever the further, by the Justifying Visions! people do not speak to each other and flame each other in forums.

Each of us wears Glasses and sees the outer world through our belief systems.

Thus, "how can all of these conflicting visions, in time and space, be right"?! may have an answer here!
they thusly are ALL right, as well as all WRONG!

the N A Indian will Recieve one set of visions, the New ager will recieve yet another and the UFO psychic
will recieve yet another. book publishers will make a fortune!

Then add the interesting intuition, that i have, that many "end of the world" visionaries are recieving
[the world leaves me = I leave the enter the spirit realms to live: one and the same!]
the rapture [ or being left behind ] will occur to each of us sooner or later. "the end is near" given out by some "primitive baptist preacher", maybe here in Tallahassee, some sunday morning, warning the people at the church service to "get their lives in order to meet Jesus at the end of the age coming soon, very very soon", has a few scoffers, even in this congregation. say that one of the men is laughing to himself as he leaves the church. Later that day he goes out jogging and then as he runs he has a heart attack and then is now dead as he hits the ground!
Now he is in heaven and there is Jesus before him! the preacher was right, was he not?!


Tuesday, October 30, 2007

an Interesting future for us all

here is something quickly that i typed out for a forum, a prophecy forum.
not very expanded, not much that i can say at typing at 5 WPM, in a public library with time constrants.

my next three years....


hi all....


here I was, just a mment ago, puresing and reading many of the predictions on the prediction page. most of them are not nice, from nuclear war to divine justice outpourings.

enough kinds of end time events to do 20 planets' civilizations in!

for the last couple of months i have expereinced a number of dream and Intuitive revelations, while no one of them stands out as communicatable to you all, I can sum up the gist of what is seen to come, by yours truly.

1...all of the age's pyschics and seerers throught the last 100 years, from you all on the fourms to even the ancient Ones, you all are like of "many many blind people touching parts of the elephant" each sees only a section of it and Seen in your own life-terms. thus all is right, but partially so.

2...this One is a long looong time a-coming, coming from the beginning, even, as this Event is


to be able to live and to function *only8 in the higher demensional spiirt worlds, where there is no more re/in-carnations back to the earthplane.

"college" now for us all. no more high school.

this will not play out as the christians foresee as *ALL* souls will be saved, at leaast 95 to 99 percent of them. "abstract"? welll....NO!
suppose you utterly dislike abortion and you are saved and you dislike the abortion doctors. you then die and find in the afterlife that those abortion doctors are *JUST* as EQUALLY saved as you are! you then find, as you "opposed" them, you are now to live with them for hundreds of years, "dialalguing" with them and they with you and the other christains, dialoguing over the free will of a mother versus the free will of an incarnating soul that could not incarnate due to abortion!

this is just an example.

the lower heavens, the "entry lands" where souls now go to after they die, will now be barren lands and certain guides and masters and healers will greet the incoming souls from the earth in order to tell them to move on to a higher level.
thus, people, i feel that spiirt level basic entry level "1" will now be spiirt level "2"!
[no more "freshman" level in college, one begins at the sopthmore level.]
spiirit thus removes the older entry land to the heavens as we all have now outgrown even that one!

3..all of our advancements, especially in the humanities and the arts, during the last 40 years, and even the last 200 years, are to try to get more of us all to grow in soul to advance like of those certain high school corses where the kids in this special class actually go three days a week TO the local college to take college courses!

thus my OWN "mission', i see, during the next three years of peace and calm, wil lbe to feel deeply how everyone around me is detined for this high heaven forever, why the kid over at the next computer, in the library where i am typing this, the homeless guy begging on the corner before 7 pm until he walks to the shelter for the night, the libray adminteration people, the atheisist college profesoor over at FSU, the manager of a "superstore", president Bush, mr Simpson that guy, and anyone that *you* love or hate.

all destined for College where if you think that life was Rich and multifacited HERE, juuuuuuuuust wait!!

[go to get up to spped from the "30mph" 1950s to get up to "65mph" in the 2000s, so that each of us is ready for the "500mph" of the afterlife worlds! usual, only three minutes left on my library computer time, thus "spelling and wordprocessing is the last thing that i find to be real!]


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

the homeless begging Place

the homeless begging Place, originally uploaded by freestone.

the homeless begging Place
Here down the street from where I live, is a stoplight that lasts a long
while per turn, and here a group of homeless people make this here spot their begging place, i.e....."work for food". i walk by here a lot and see pitched food and trash. Money and maybe for drink, the Staff of life. Usually one person stands there and other sit by the abandoned building nearby, then they take turns.
a group of men, they are buddies, maybe closer in friendship than of many "succesful" men have today. often "Drink" is the bond and
once I nearly warned a young man who i sensed was new to this, to warn him that as he is with these men for a while he will become like them and just as the sign language people often never want to be cured of deafness as they want the CULTURE more than any "cure", once you sign up, it might be for life.

Just think: no taxes, no child support, no boss to tell ya what to do, and you have buddies and drink.

problem is....I see very very few "poets" amidst the homeless. they all look "anti-social' and angry. I can feel why their anger too, as often they have to deal with the ropes, lets alone strings attached, with any help given to them! basicly society wants to make them "normal" and Domesticated! no drink. no rowdyness. no help for the Demons of vietnam either.

So here is a section of a "I am a homeless vet" sign, pitched into the trash.

Once i saw a lady in a nice car slip a man a $5 bill. Suddenly i see the Real Service that these homeless beggers do, I read once that around gainesville, florida, on the interstate ramps, nearby, the average "income" from begging is about $20,000 to $40,000 a year!!
far far FAR more than I ever made in a year!
the Service?
people who feel guilty for having a nice house and a good job, give and give. people who feel that they do not deserve such a good life.
they feel better for Giving, often even as this money goes directly to Drink.

and...will these men "police the area" of the trash, the 100 bits of litter, even as there is a dumpster 50 feet away?! NO! then they will blame the pig-police for arresting them or driving them off, as the city declares this spot a health hazard! blame everyone but themselves!

no pictures of themen, even as I got this picture, a man came up to me, a man with a face of many fist-fights, to comment upon his plight.

Uploaded by freestone on 20 Sep 07, 6.06PM EDT.

Friday, September 21, 2007

dream: the ascension of earth's peoplewithin our lifetimes.

hi all.

here on the 20th of september, last night, I had this dimly remembered, but very powerful, dream
about the " Ascension of the earth's people within our lifetimes"!

This short dream begins where essentually I was standing outdoors at night with a small telescope and was looking at the stars. My telescope showed to me a rock-like object with a small "craft"
"buzzing" around it. a "ufo". but not really the classic ufo, but some sort of spaceship with someones abord to control it.
The next scene in the dream was where i was receiving communications via "telepathy" from these aliens aboard the ship!

They then began to tell me that they all are watching several planets, in the galaxy. Apparently, they say, most inhabited planets follow a similar evolutionary path, the collective races of each planet, do. At some point in the planet's race's evolution, all of the people somehow "ascend" into a higher demension, to inhabit a Parallel planet, a planet that is made up of a "higher" demensional material, thus not visible to any person who is on the material plane. They all go at once, the people do.
[this is the "standard" message that has been given out to people from Spirit, over and over, by others!
Either by Contact, by mediumship, or by vision, in many many words, been told to us. ]But I was impressed by the final few sentences that these aliens told me!

[in my words]
"the peoples of the earth are due to collectively ascend, all at once, all at one time, within most of their currant lifetimes, to the Parallel planet that is "above" them in vibrational materialness"!!
"they will all go at once, all at one time".
---end of dream.

enough said, the dream says it all......


the next day.

I wish to add some more to this dream, here.

hi all...

there is something that i wish to add to this here vision! I have found that in such dreams, the tiniest smallest detail can mean everything. there is one detail here that I ought to so mention as this detail could mean 'all"!

in the telescope I could peer at the stars, thus I am looking at something that is not visible to the naked eye, as anything needing a telescope is far far away: thus the telescope! but why did not the aliens
appear closer to the earth?! why did they hover around a small object far away, whereas for many psychics, Encounterees, and for other "alien/ufo" encounters, the object of the "craft" is almost always
in the sky nearby?

I feel that the answer lies in that planet thing that they were hovering around. This object did not *look*
like a planet! it was not round and smooth like a planet and the flight of this craft seemed to indicate that they could fly around this object quickly.

the 'clincher" was that I could see that this object was "rough and bumpy". not round at all. thus i sense that this object was like of a round rock. but the bumps were small, thus the object is large, for a hunk of rock.


my own Guess, and my own guess only as this is not stated in the vision, is that this object is indeed a hunk of rock, not a planet and this hunk might be 20...100..200 miles in diameter. no way to tell its size, but larger than 15 to 30 miles, probably.



just a hunk of rock, there are many, maybe millions of them throughout the solar system. "but the term 'asteroid" is used if such a rock is coming towards the earth.

---that this rock is headed for the earth, in a few years, abd *this* is the object that will ascend us all!!

but why could not these alien DO something about this rock, like move it?! blow it up?!


.....If the Overspirit of the universe, God, choses to ascend a race, he might send an "enabler" for to do it, thus this rock is Sealed from being influenced by *any* other influences or beings!

thus this Event might well be "written in stone, set in stone", pun intended!

but this idea is just mine alone and not part of the vision. I sensed that the aliens do not live on this rock. the rock may be years away, but not many.

I can Hear the Moans, now, from the ascended souls, as they find themselves falling upon the New heaven pastures, some old old souls moans out, speaking for all...

"but we all were so so close to beginning to solve our racial problems with the envirnment and our way of western industrial life, why take us all at the very very height of our civilization?"!!

Then a white robed angel-like Master, a resident there, a greeter, might well say, i feel, "you have it backwards, oh moaning, wailing, soul! the comet/asteroid's hitting the earth, was Timed by the lord at the very beginning of the human race's incarnations upon the earth, way back in Adam's time. Thus all of your 200+ years of great accelerated cultural learnings and increase of freedoms and humanity's
growth in the arts and sciences, was done *JUST* to have you all be prepared *FOR* this event of Racial graduation! the better prepared that you were there, back on earth, the better that you can enjoy the richness of the heavens with, now that you are here!!
[to hit the heaven grounds Running!] [the bakery oven has been Properly pre-warmed, back on earth, NOW the real Baking can begin!]

I feel....."think: the last two weeks of high school is used for cram-courses to get everyone ready to graduate at a better readiness for college. To help the laggards, yes, but also to have everyone ready for the college courses. the fact that this is being done, these two weeks of accelerated learnings, would be a sign, to someone who cannot keep track of high school year-time, that school IS about to be over!!"



Saturday, September 15, 2007

oh dear: baba!

Here I posted something that referenced sathya sai baba and the post ruined my template, I had to delete it. On second thought, looking at the post, I could see that the post was "too long", too long and wordy. too too much copying of another article, trying to show that sathya sai baba not only intends to live until he is 96, die in 2021, but that no major earthchanges will occur within his life time, nor nuclear war either.
I am not sure about this, I suspect that baba will be shown to be WRONG! That 2011/12 will bring major major upheavals, no matter what baba says.

One major problem that I have with any eastern master, especially of India, is that they are steeped in the ancient ways of the Indian culture, which is VERY conservative in many ways compared to the west. In spite of "bollywood", sai baba puts down all movies, tv, computers, the internet, anything of the west. he is for marriage arranged and to eat the India foods.
i am of the West, like it or not, i like "free will" instead of "fatalism" that India favors.

so i removed the baba article and will not post again any more baba stuff, positive OR negative, about him.


Friday, September 14, 2007

subtropical tallahassee summer

a nice day here in tallahassee, the lush green city that i live in.  maybe 90 every single day all summer long.

the huge huge leaf

a *really* huge leaf.  many huge leaves.  "Elephant ears", i think is a nickname for this plant.

Tallahassee, florida

Thursday, September 13, 2007

[quote author=Anonymous_Precog link=1189419988/0#12 date=1189629866]I am the author of the Mourning After Tomorrow.

You can view the entire message at the following URL which is now my blog

The entire message has been re-formatted and enhanced so you may want to read it again from the very beginning.[/quote]

what was wrote.

Mourning After Tomorrow
Part II

Years: 2011-2012

Between October, 2011 and December, 2012 with a sense of forewarning focused on or around October 28, 2011 – this period is the beginning of a major change that will sweep across North America. I call it the “Year of Awareness”, because several events will occur over the period of one year that will crescendo in December 2012. Perhaps, I shouldn't use the word “crescendo” because the sweeping changes will not subside but intensify as time goes on. The point that is important here is that a series of events will occur that will magnify a coming realization that we are in a “roller coaster ride”.

The 10-12 days leading up to the YEAR OF AWARENESS seem to have importance here. I am unsure if it is meant as a warning sign or if it means that we, as Americans and our government leaders have the ability to make the transition “calmer” or “easier” during this time.
===== reply to this.

===I thank you for this. I bookmarked your blog too.

I know of a person who was "told" to leave a major city, by innerness and then a synchronistic opportunity. move far far away.

this would not just affect america, you know. the world is linked togther as one, now, a net and when a big rip occurs, the whole fabric feels the pain.

I feel our collective system is self healing, technologically, but only up to a point. so so many fixers are so behind the learning curve that when things break, ah well, like my 1959 car that it only took three people pushing it by hand from the rear, to start it, if the battery was dead. things were easier to fix, back then.
now i guess you cannot even get such a car going at 20 mph! no parts to fix now, all unibody, in everything. our melons come from south america, our gas comes from who knows where. let one yellowstone erupt and it is all over. oh yes, few of us want war but if the world is hungry then it all comes loose. the gays. between the lines, here, i feel the collective uncounscious dis-like and the day might indeed come for bad stuff.

but one problem is.... that "self-preservation" is all well and good if one is to be Annointed by spirit to become one of the survivors, but for the rest of us it will be to DIE. to die early and i feel this *slight* difference of terms is important! for each and all of us will die of something, in even a golden age of civilization, each of us grows old, death will come. so what is the difference beteen *this* death and the 2012 collective deaths?
nothing: except that we each will know somewhat in advance.

i have known of several people who had accepted Jesus as their savor, in the hospital room, one guy paralized from the neck down, all he could do is to THINK, and to have him know that most such accident victums die in a year or three! he died in one year, he did his think, he says yes to spiirt. but what of YOU?!
the liberal left agnostic and atheist way of life will go down under that phrase, "there are no atheists on the battlefield"!
so how are you all prepared for heaven? if you live as if heaven were here now, and heaven In your soul and life, now, why your outer influence a-radiating this to everyone, could acutally make a difference in the severity of the upheavals!
hoarding and collecting, is just yet more "things". dried food will not get ya to heaven. a years supply of batteries will not light up your heavenly home.
a "fin-de-sickle' burning of the ...[fill in the blank with your favorite type of humanity to hate] group that you hate, will only bind this other person[s] to you in hell, you all are now roomates for a looooong time, now, bound togther in union closer than Love, HATE!

pray. meditate. but do not just *become* a christian, another member of a dogmic group who loves rules and most of these rules are ""

remember, even 1000 years of rome ends up in dust and ruins, soon every
house is for sale, eventually: nothing lasts, even in the good times. *things* are there as tools and at the end of the day each of us has to turn them back into the Shed, then go home empty-handed, these tools are there for the next gardener, another day, but not you.
everything is a "loaner".
only the soul IS....but if the christ is not there, why yet another incarnation yet again, into this world....


Tuesday, September 11, 2007

rainbow cloud in the early morning

rainbow cloud in the early morning
Here I was, walking down the stairwell of my apartment building and the first window gave to me this View! A view of a thunderhead where there is a rainbow running up the cloud, nearly in line with that flagpole on top of the hotel.
Tallahassee, florida, usa; looking west.
the temperature must now be 85 degrees, with a 90% humidity, at 8 am. Tropical, of course, the cloud is moving northwards off of the Gulf, direct from the equator.

This city surely has some very pretty clouds!

Uploaded by freestone on 11 Sep 07, 9.27AM EDT.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Luscious color leaf things!

Luscious color leaf things!, originally uploaded by freestone.

Luscious color leaf things!
"leaf galls", I think they call these things. A live oak leaf near where I live, in tallahassee, florida. The late afternoon sun cast shadows across the leaf.
Oh so pretty, good enough looking to eat, but alas only to look at.
Maybe 1/4 or 1/8 of an inch in size.

There are *so* many little things like this that few people notice, probably if an observant person were to take a one block walk, there is usually something that is unique and strange. But you have to look for it.

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Saturday, September 08, 2007

old church

old church, originally uploaded by freestone.

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the old church, falling into ruin, the vines growing over it, the bricks are falling out.

a metaphor.

here was once a church, full of life, full of happy worshippers; people who Mattered and probably did wonderful things for the community, but now they are all gone and even the old women of the ex-congregation, do not come anymore, the door is open only to the squirrels and the foxes.

I live at a senior home for Independent living. last monday, i went to the laundry room to wash my clothes and when I opened the drier to put my clothes in, i noticed that the drier was full of wet clothes! someone put in their stuff, and closed the door, but did not turn this drier on, she probably was interrupted by someone and then she left the room, utterly utterly forgetting that she even had laundry!! Today, on saturday, the clothes were finally gone from the counter. six months ago someone put a pot on the stove full of raw food and began to cook it then she went grocery shopping for hours and then when the pot finally caught fire, the firemen put it out!

Alzheimers, senility.

Growing ever the older with "Senior moments", of this year, growing into senior hours, next year, and then senior days
a few more years from then!

So if you walk into the lounge, at the Memory Center, at the Home for mentally challenged seniors, here in Tallahassee, where i live, you might see older people who cannot recall anything that happens to them during the last few minutes, but they can tell you what they ate for lunch on june 7th of 1932!

they are like that old church, that i wrote of!

One cannot measure and judge a ruined old church by the moment
of your seeing the ruins, one should judge this building by the "high water mark" of its years, when their were revivals and singing and hugs and church social dinners!
people too!

So here is maybe an old man who, like of my very father, who was a Blacksmith and a story-teller, in his prime years, why he could talk for four hours and you do not say one world and when he finished talking and had to leave; when he left, someone would say out loud, for everyone around that cafe table, he spoke...."too bad he had to leave, i wanted more"!
[this really was said about my father!]
But when my father was in the Home, after five strokes, Dementia took over, and he had no memory at all of the last twenty years!
so here is an old man who drools and cannot remember your name no matter how many times you tell him, and that maybe he would not even recognize his own wife if she were to walk in; an old man who lived an Incredible life, a life that you cannot know from his own tellings. Like of seeing a dry river bed during the dry years, but this river is measured by its high water times!

So everyone had an incredible life, of some sort, once, a "high water mark" of their years; one cannot see this in the Sunset of their years, though.

But the soul lives after death: in heaven only the right answers Count, thus every Good Thing that this man did, during his life, is there in heaven for him when he arrives, soon.

so here i have yet more respect and sympathy for the Alzheimers elderly, especially when I see the Sun Setting right before my eyes, month by month, year by year.

do not put off until tomorrow, your Dreams of today, please. Not only are *you* growing older, but our culture is too, let alone this Global Warming world! Our "good times" may come to an end soon, and that trip to, say, England, will not be possible then due to not only maybe your failing health, but to the Politics of war or the sheer Cost of a ticket during Depression-times!
Even our Planet grows old, Yellowstone could erupt, the vertable End Times could come soon, 2012 lurks!
so dance you dance of life, NOW, before it is too too late! grow your soul now, before the "soul-drought" times come!

do all of the worsipping, praying, church socials, huggings, singings, now, when the Church is still in good condition, get the very Most out of this church, before everyone leaves and the janitor sweeps the floor for the very last time!!

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Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Nothing Is In The Way

Nothing Is In The Way, originally uploaded by freestone.

Nothing Is In The Way

here is a cloud, looks like maybe any other cloud except that there seems to be nothing in the way, the air is so clear of haze and smoke and pollutions! This air probably comes off of the Gulf, being just south of Tallahassee, florida, usa, where this photo was taken.
The temperature probably, here at about 4 pm, was about 95 degrees. Most people in the Northern latitudes see haze and "stickyness" in the air, on hot days as this air probably traveled half way across the countrysides. Those images of south sea islands and the other tropical places have this translucentness too. Probably the air, here, comes directly from the equator.
Makes this ordinary cloud "extra-ordinary"!

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Friday, August 31, 2007


lightningcropped, originally uploaded by freestone.

a cropped image of the lightning strike from

the video, itself, is here....

Here is a cropped version from an extracted still from a video from my canon a610 camera. A clever way to "find" an image, out of many images, from an event of a second long in time: take a video of this event then extract the still out of the video. Works with a good quality source-video, of course!

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Wednesday, August 29, 2007

lightning walks the day.

see the cloud-to-ground lightning!    In this several second video, you can see some awesome lightning strokes hit the ground.

   One such storm, about a week ago, took out three houses!  Tallahassee, florida, where this location is, has about 85 thunderstorm days a year!

There are some storms the tv people will tell us that there were 10,000 lightning strokes measured!

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

plantation house

an old plantation house near the edge of downtown tallahassee.  headquarters of the parks dept.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

light coming through a hole

light coming through a hole, originally uploaded by freestone.

light coming through a hole

a hole in the cloud with light coming through. Otherwise, a "plain" stormcloud with lots of powerlines!
Tallahassee, florida, usa.
Taken in the late evening, just before sunset.

However....I like this image, as I see this shaft of light coming through the clouds, as if Spirit were Illuminating something on the ground behind my back, far far away. As if God shown down upon the earth!

I like this "peachy" light too, a bit of peach colored hue, here.

I like the Zoom, on my canon a610, even a t the "max" still the image looks good.

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Thursday, August 23, 2007

640 res test, the Garden behind the senior residence

my new canon 610 can do video, I tested the 640 res, here.  This is a garden behind my senior apartments.

the Rotting shed

Rot rot rot, why I think that the trees are the only thing that is holding up this building!    I cannot see what is inside, but if I lift up my camera just so, maybe You can see what is inside.  probably more Junk.   Who knows what it is, probably the owner does not even know, now. The building is quietly become one with nature!

       here in this semi-tropical city, Tallahassee, Florida, usa, wood rots real quickly, if the termites do not get it first.  Then the vines climb all over it.

Temperature must be all of 95 in the shade, a Normal day here, do not think about the humidity!  Dewpoint of 70 to 75.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Monday, August 20, 2007

subtropical tallahassee summer street.

The tropical air, the lushness. tallahassee, florida, usa. Note the spanish moss and the ferns that grow on the tree limbs.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

"street prophet" image, sharpened, you can read it

"street prophet" image, sharpened, you can read it
hi all...

here is another image of that poster on a power pole, from

and a bit sharpened, you can now read the whole thing, especially if you go to the "all sizes", then click on the "large" or the "original" size.

This particular poster was yet another, in the series, on a "fatter" pole, so that I could take a picture of the whole thing. This one is on the very corner where I live, he posted this about 300 foot from my bedroom! There are at least four others, in my neighborhood.

a Homeless person?

Several people have commented that a homeless person would not carry a typewriter around with him.

Tallahassee, Florida, usa. Tallahassee is about 20 miles just south of the georgia border. This poster has a flavor of "deep south country cracker\redneck young man" who comes to the big city of Tallahassee, and is a bit overwhelmed by the urban setting, compared to his hometown.

his imagination only?
a series of dreams?
a psychic?
---you make the call.

many homeless people are living a bit like of this condition, now and today!!

Anyway, you all might be able to read the whole thing, now. Too too bad he had to run the lines across the drawing, makes it hard to read, as you have to scan across the palm on every line. But he had to fit this all in, i guess.

I have no idea who this is.

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Thursday, August 16, 2007

street prophet!

street prophet!, originally uploaded by freestone.

street prophet!
this appeared, this morning, the 16th, on a side street in tallahassee, florida, usa, next to rt 90, the main east/west road from Miami to L. A. for many many travelers.
Here is a Genuine street prophet's poster, and if you click on the "original size" section, in the options under "all sizes" one can actually read this poster.
if you want to, some of the words are cuss words, on the size, here, they are not visible.

But something tells me that this person did indeed have these dreams. whether these dreams merely reflect a homeless person's anger toward society, or maybe a real Vision series that infers that
our culture will soon become Toast, very very soon: you make the call, I report what I see that is interesting, on the streets.
Yes this spot is where many homeless people gather to beg for change and bills. the Shelters are four blocks away.

In a sense, the homeless, NOW, are living a bit like of this future seen, the woods around here are full of Camps of homeless and often there are fights and killings, events that escape the seeing eye of the police. many of them *want* to see Babylon burn down, and too, many of the hands that reach out to help them, merely have strings attached, or even Ropes attached!
1...take thoughbenzidrine every day, yes you will walk around in a daze and also gain 40 lbs, but You Are Being Helped! to job training and placement every day even as it is located ten miles out of town, and if you do not come every day for most of the day, you will fail; of course there is no time to apply for work!
3...necktie and suit and live indoors and give up ye Indian ways.
Become White man Now.
[would you like to be kidnapped and flown to afgan to be converted against your will to fundamentalism? would you Go Down Screaming?!]

many of them would like to see this poster vision[s] to come true.
have Us all live like they do now!

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Thursday, August 09, 2007

a nice tallahassee day before the rains came.

a nice tallahassee day before the rains came.
Yes, a nice day, dry, a week before the rains began.
Just a "snap" of a dirt parking lot, in a subtropical city

tallahassee, florida usa

I live across the street from here.

not the spanish moss in the oak tree to the right.

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Wednesday, August 01, 2007

extreme wind shear!

extreme wind shear!, originally uploaded by freestone.

extreme wind shear!
Off in the disatance, you can see a thunderhead cloud. But as this cloud grows upwards into the upper atmosphere, the upper air winds are so strong that the top is blown off sideways! In fact the top of this coud extends to way way beyond the upper frame of this image, this image that I took on my 5th floor windowsill!
tallahassee, florida, usa, about 6 PM, july 29th.

the Camera is facing to the North, a little to the northeast.

If you look closely at the image, you can see some more extremely blown off tops from other thunderstorms.

This indicates that the upper air winds are VERY strong! As tallahassee is about 30 degrees North, this is very very unusual for this time of year at this latitiude. I looked at the "jet stream wind pattern", on, and i see that basicly the upper winds are in a "winter pattern" and nearly as strong!

In other words: the upper winds blow the tops of the high clouds, off to a distance, this one might be torn about 80 miles!

*This* is why there are no hurricanes or even tropical depressions, in the Gulf or Atlantic, as of now, July 30th! If this pattern continues, and i think it will, there will be ZERO hurricnes this year, and fall will begin for the Northlands, by middle of August.

[I took a second photo, a photo from the west stairwell, looking at
another thunderstorm. This other storm is "new" and the top is only blown off to the south just a little bit. But one can see this process a bit better, as one looks at the side of the storm.
by an hour, this western storm had a cloudtop that was pulled about 100 miles, to the south!!]

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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

the fall of rome and our future

a new post, a philisophical post about the fall of rome and Jesus.

on my spirit writings blog

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

overwhelming majestic thunderhead!

overwhelming majestic thunderhead!
this is a *big* one, folks!

a very late afternoon thunderstorm, taken where the sun is shining through a hole in the clouds so that this thunderstorm is bathed in light in only a part of the cloud, the rest in shadows.

Miles tall, the topic moisture runs amock. This cloud grew to this size in minutes.

Oh the beauty of the clouds, here in Tallahassee, florida, during the rainy season!

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Monday, July 23, 2007

the storm

the storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

the storm
Awesome, isn't it?!
the "bark looks worse than its bite".
Late afternoon.
This cloud died out and never made it to where I stand, in fron of my apartment house.

This is what I see nearly every day, if the rainy season is "on", during the summer, here, at...

tallahassee, florida, usa.

The Season begins in late may and runs till early October, but in many years the pattern is spotty, this year, so far, the rains have been scarce.
From 3 to 20 month of rains, the dewpoint is above 70 and the high temp for the day, if sunny, is over 90 to 95 degrees.

85 thunderstorm days a year, ya gotta like storms to live here!

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Mr. Oak

Mr. Oak, originally uploaded by freestone.

Mr. Oak
See and meet Mr. Oak! his face is one the tree.

tallahassee florida usa.

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Sunday, July 08, 2007

cloud shadow on a cloud!

cloud shadow on a cloud!, originally uploaded by freestone.

cloud shadow on a cloud!

the sun has set, the sky glows.

I take this photo from the upper floors of my apartment building, , looking westwards, tallahassee, florida, usa.

The land is flat, I can see for miles and miles, if you enlarge the image, you can see storm thunderheads for maybe 200 miles to the west. Row upon row of showers.
The sun set behind the closest thunderhead and thus its shadow
is casted upsidedown upon the clouds! This is where that "inverted cone" comes from.

yes, off to the far far distance, especially to the left side, near the horizen, one can see many rainclouds.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

a Study: an evening oncoming storm

a Study: an evening oncoming storm
late in the afternoon, almost evening, I took this photo from the landing of my apartment building, about the 10th floor, looking west.
Not only are there interesting patterns in the clouds, the setting sun gives to these clouds a kind of "purple" color.
Note how the light, at the top of the image, glows as if the clouds are burning with an inner white light!

There are many many kinds of cloud textures here.

tallahassee, florida, usa.

tallahassee has over 80 thunderstorm days a year!

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Thursday, June 28, 2007

the Crown of Glory!

the Crown of Glory!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Crown of Glory!
a zoomlens closeup of the top of a thunderstorm cloud.
Taken in very late afternoon, looking to the west.

This storm is severe; probably the rise of cloud into the atmosphere
is so fast, that the shock wave creates a level of cloud above the actual stormcloud. Nearly "rainbowlike" in color.

The "technical" write-up stuff does little for the "Awe effect" that this cloud gives to me. Here is a mystery of nature, should not be missed, these things, as the sky is still not cowded with man's buildings, and can be looked at by all, *if* one chooses to look upwards!

Tallahassee, florida. usa.

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Saturday, June 09, 2007

the evening storm

the evening storm, originally uploaded by freestone.

the evening storm
The oncoming storm. The sun is right behind the main cloud, the rays come out in all directions, here about sunset.

tallahassee, florida usa.

Uploaded by freestone on 9 Jun 07, 10.24AM EDT.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

the evil eye

--a posting to a forum about a problem with people's personal things, that i photographed.

PART ONE......

hi all

oh I had a strange experience today, this is where something that might look innocent and might BE innocent for other people, is not for me!!

As you know I have my flickr site.
again, the url.

Yesterday i was indoor of my senior apartments and I felt very fortunate to be able to take a very very nice photo of two ladies sitting. then I took an even nicer photo of a bible on a table with a bookmark of a part of someone's notes, the lady reading her bible let me take it.

I uploaded both yesterday evening.

today someone commented upon the bible photo, saying that he really loves this image, "your best yet, freestone" he says.

today I wanted to take that bible photo and enter it into my 60-odd groups, the various flickr "clubs" that he themes for the photos, thus this image would appear in each one of them and eventually maybe 200 to 3,000 people will come to my site to see the full sized image.

but as I was placing this image into the 60 groups, about group number 15,
suddenly discovered that the groups-list-window was corrupted!
then I found that ALL of my images now had this special window corrupted!

was the site down?

I quit and left for coffee!

as i got on my bus, I was irked at how flickr crashed right in my special

but there are NO accidents, and I felt very very uneasy about this one, in fact i was uneasy all day over "something"! no spiritual feelings at all, as if i were "laboring" over something.

on the way out to the coffee shop, the little old lady who sometimes sits with me, got on and she moaned about how she has to go today to get another set of glasses as she lost her glasses the day before in a store and no one found it or returned it.

I returned later to georgia belle and i used the phone in the kitchen and the kitchen worker was there. she told me that she had just come back from her doctor after the operation for her cataract in one eye and now she can see again!
she showed to me the new glasses she got!

*signifigance*. the lady who lost hers is the "outer", the lady with the new glasses and can see again, is the inner. there is a dissonance between my outer and my inner, as if there is something that i *ought* to know, but am ignoring!

so as i walked down to the university library, i admitted a kind of "defeat"!
I now Knew that I was breaking an inner spiritual Law, breaking it by doing, in the outer life, by posting these images, what my inner soul nature Holds To Be True. [ for me ]

and what was it that i seem to have to ACCEPT for myself and for my daily livings, something that seems to be not an operating law of life to most people?!

that any personal object OR even a photo of a personal object, if let out where other people can see it, this object is affected by their thought-collective judgement on it!!

as in.....suppose i had two glasses of nice cold milk. I took a photo of one glass and then placed both in the fridge and then took the photo and posted it on the internet, or showed it to people at a gathering. the people on the internet and the people at the meeting, suppose they did not like milk, or *that* glass of milk.

two days later i take both glasses out of the fridge, the one that was not photoed, is still ok. the one that had the picture taken is now SPOILED!!

Ancient Wisdom.

do not let others see you personal life or your possessions! I have read that in old europe or old new york, the jewish merchants would place your purchase in a brown sack or bag so that no one could see it and thus envy it and give to it THE EVIL EYE!!

so, i removed all of the two photos, then i went and removed all the photos that delt with personal images of seniors, in my 250 photos.

I vow never ever to take a picture of a person again or even an object that is a personal possession!

no doubt that the editorial about tallahassee, that i wrote, where I told people to accept how this quiet city is now becoming a huge city, why my computer went bonkers and my tooth got infected, within two weeks of this!!

NO WONDER the older people at georgia belle are so so "private". no pictures please. they say this to me over and over if they see my camera.

they may be one to Something!
never ever put down a 'superstition" or Old Way, unless one KNOWS that it is not right!


If i were to offer to you a cricket bat, or a baseball bat, and give you the big end and i still hold the other end, you can move my hand by moving your end.

if i place a photo of a plant, owned by someone, on the internet, then if they do not like it, the plant could suffer or even wilt, as the thoughtforms tear at it!!

little wonder the older southern generation seems to "want to please' and "not to ruffle feathers", not to make others dislike them as other people's dislike could be really POISONOUS behind their backs returning to them like of a dart!!

maybe , people, i will go hide, in that sense!!

well that is my event of the day, i will see and feel if my strange mood of the morning now goes away!


PART TWO, a reply to the first posting

hi all...

yes, had a bit of mis-givings when I pulled about 20 photos from my Flickr, some of them were my best shots! And why was it that many many people there show personal items right and left without a trace of this "evil eye"?!

I can think of two possibilities.

1...that only those "under the law" get problems with this; they can show the most personal of items right and left and nothing ever happens! BUT! If someone has taken a soul-vow of a Spiritual path, either Christian or one of the other spiritual paths that involve "occult experiences", then this Law becomes active for them! would I know if the "innocent people" who shows pictures of items or show their private ideas and possessions in public get off scot free?!! Maybe they have strange happenings that they do not see the inner connections for, thus there is no feedback for them to stop.
Like: a man shows his new restored antique car, at a car show, and a month later it breaks down.
Like: someone brags how nice his new job is, and then two weeks later the company lays him off due to company poor profit showings and they are cutting back!
Like: a man writes a critical editorial in the paper, and people do not like it and a week later he slips on the ice and falls, breaking his leg!

who would ever make the Connection?

Recently I, myself, wrote an editorial about how this pretty city is growing so fast that all of the trees are being cut and "you all better get used to urban-ness". a week later I had an infected tooth and then my computer's motherboard bit the dust, failed!

the engineer's creed, "It it works it is Real", is a sword that cuts both ways! if something that is of a "superstition" or "of the Old Way", Works, I see it in my life over and over, PAY ATTENTION!
[ i have seen this, on my own life, and in others, that I have to accept this Law to be true ]

I have heard that some very devout Christian mystics consider *any* gossup about someone else to lead one, after they die, to go to the Place where MURDERERS's go when they die, as these christians consider gossup in any form to BE murder, character murder of the soul, of the person talked about, especially if the talking is "negative and not true"!

Ideally, from now on, I should never ever talk "negative" about anyone, do not show my possessions to others, do not make a critical editorial in the papers, even if i feel that i am "right", do not take pictures of someone's personal objects, do not talk about others personal things, to other people, and similar

basicly the Law works like this: that there is a link between the Object, its inner image in someone
else's mind, its photo image too, and what is thought about this object or idea. Thus someone can influence the state of this object, from a distance in space and time. Even if an "admirer" loves this object, if in their uncousciousness they envey it, and thus want it removed if they cannot have it, *and* have native psychic powers, the "evil eye" will operate. That person's envey will come back onto the object.
like: one of my photos that i removed was a beloved Bible, where the lady was reading it, the Book was sitting on the table with a sheet of handwritten notes as a pagemarker.
Lets say 1000 people, in, look at it. Most will love this photo. but there are a lot of very Intelligent but cynical people there, on this site, who are the "intellectuals of the liberal left" bent of thinkings, and most of these people are *VERY* dislikeful of anything religious!
Thus, lets say that 700 people love this image but of the 300 people that do NOT like it, these people
really *really* dislike it, with all of the power of their emotions! Ouch!
This "mass-mind" of condemnation comes back onto the bible and to her. maybe this Bible gets dropped, or coffee is spilled onto it. or WORSE, she, when she reads it, in the future, she has
some strange feelings and emotions, as she reads it, feelings of anger and dread, ruining the moment, and she, clueless, just thinks that she is having a bad day!

maybe there is a REASON why so many many movie stars and music performers have such messy lives!!

I will now apologize to the flickr site that i have and Tell them that now my photostream will be from now on...



Monday, June 04, 2007

my upstate aunt's farm

my upstate aunt's farm, originally uploaded by freestone.

my upstate aunt's farm
My aunt, who lives where i grew up, in upstate new york, in the finger lakes region, sent to me this photo. I tried to take a picture of the photo, the table background makes a very good border, I feel; the "rustic wood" frame fits with this image.

So quiet here. Every sound, for miles around, can be heard, on a windless day. Only the birds, and a far far off farm tractor, maybe, can be heard. The hawks float over the filelds, their cry can be heard for a mile. On a claer day, I can see 60 miles across cayuga lake, from behind this barn

Incredibly difficult to take a picture of a glossy print, the refections stand out every time!
Then this image is a bit out of focus, maybe this also fits with the Mood, the mood of something that exists today, out of the 1950s, why my aunt still cans vegtables with mason jars, there are some things that can bertter than freezing. She is the church organists, and choir director, she has 8 kids and 26 grandkids.
she is right out of the old 1950s book, "wholesomeness" once meant something Real, and she is of this Cloth!

The house is behind the plants, the barn can dimly be seen, I like that feeling of the Open spaces, one can see why way into the distance, here on the high hill prairies of the finger lakes, this is the *very* beginning of the midwest, down to the Conservatism and even the tornadoes, one passed near here a few years ago.
*This* is the type of place where if you lived alone and cooked for yourself, that *meant* that you were not in a good place as there was no one that loved you, and you HAD to do everything for yourself: marrage and job stability counted nearly for all!

Church socials dish-to-pass, are alive and well, here.

I lived here in the 90s, in my small town of Interlaken, every ten years they build one house, they had just finished that one house, in 1997, a "mcmansion". A town of 600 people.
I would ofetn walk the four miles down to have supper with her and her husband
Why a day that I wanted to shop for stuff, as i lived in this town, why I could walk all over the two block-sized business section, and go into all of the stores to buy five things, in one hour if i wanted to, but I would spend hours talking to people. NOW I see what a great sevice Walmart, and the other large superstores have done, especially for seniors like me who cannot perhaps get around too well, why one can visit just one store and buy everything that you need, in one trip; critics of the big box stores forget this!

So pretty, in this mid-may scene, but the snowdrifts covered nearly the bushes last winter!

Her oldest son now owns and runs the farm, he grows organic soybeans.

So in this multi-tasking world of 40 minute commutes each way and where 60% of all food eaten is eaten in a car, and most windows do not open and earbuds are the rule, and NO ONE has the time to have a meal at home with the family,
[ I overheard one man, recently, bear his souls to his friend about how he FORCES his family to all sit down together one day a month, else no one ever ever would get them all togther, one meal, one person, who has the ability when each member has a different schedule?!]
Yes, in the big city if there are two teens in the family, the family needs four cars very muchly and the hairdresser is in *this* direction, and the school is in another direction: life is scattered in 20 places so 30 miles to shop or do your stuff, is the True Reality!

Thus a simpler life still exists, but who would want it if they had it?!

This aunt is a very very devout christian lady and most of her "kids" are too, they all are nearly "Amish" in their way of life and beliefs. They have been married, I think, for about 50 years, what marrage lasts even five years today: most of the people that I know under 50 have been divorced *several* times!
--the Price to pay for homemade cookies, in the age where many kids do not know what a homemade anything is!
the Price to pay for Certainitude of a certain ilk, the church is the center of the social life and bed by 10 and up by 7.

One summer week she had one of her oldest daughter's sons there
on vacation, this daughter had nine kids and she lives the life like of the Amish that are just down the road, she cooks all the food from scratch and NO television and computer ever, and Bible-homeschooling.
I ate supper with the three boys and now I Know what "Wholesome" really means; these teens were positive, outgoing, caring, with "clean" vibes..[recite the boy scout Oath, to describe them!]
Today the oldest boy is going to be a missionary in, I think, Central America.
[I note that the newly moved-in Amish people, here, in the 90s, also have very very happy kids, even if they are thin and raggy-clothes!
no tv or games or public school for them either: compare with the teens of today, in the cities!!]

You have to create your own entertainments, here!

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Friday, June 01, 2007


Some 70 years ago Nicolaas van Rensburg, had more than 700 visions about the future of South Africa and the rest of the world. Most have come true, I read! A Boer Prophet, Nicolaas van Rensburg, a modern Nostradamus, became a legend during his lifetime and was one of the most remarkable and controversial characters that ever lived in South Africa.

In 1918 Rensburg prophesied:
"I see there will be a time when the whole world will be ploughed under. This will be the beginning of the Third - and last - World War and everything will be in confusion. Then I saw a snake lying on the ploughed land. I could not see its head or tail. I then saw my daughter, Anna, seated and writing, and I realised when that time arrives, no one would be able to make head or tail of my visions. From then on I asked my daughter to write down all my visions so that everybody would understand when the time comes...."

Now, at the site, below, the thothweb forms,
thothweb forums

I have uploaded the complete book of the 700 prophecies, the book that someone wrote about him, to this site, this might be the only place, now, that this book, in english, can now be gotten, in its 150+ page entire form!

book is HERE

someone wrote, on the
earthboppin forums.

I write from South Africa concerning a very prominent prophet we have in our history. The bible says fear the man who prophecies and it comes to pass and fear not the man who prophecies and it doesn't come to pass.

Prophet Van Rensburg was born in 1864 and foretold 700 prophecies concerning our country and abroad. They all to date have come to pass.

Amongst his last prophecies he said that when it becomes cold in South Africa like it hasn't been for years, a national strike will take place which will cripple the country. At this time a prominent political figure in our country will die and he will be placed in a glass coffin so people will mourn for him 7 days. He says the strike will not cease and lead to civil war and when this politician dies the black people in our country will within an hour of his death barricade the main cities and slaughter all the white people. He says at this time Europe will start to boil and WW3 will come on the heels of these events. He says only the true Afrikaner will survive as moments before they will be supernaturally taken to a place of safety. He believed the Afrikaner were God's chosen people of South Africa. After this destruction and death like the world has never seen will follow,

I enclose Adriaan Snyman's book on his prophecies and a news clip that states when Nelson Mandela dies they will put him in a glass coffin at the Union Buildings Pretoria as befitting a world known statesman. (Attachments not included here. To access two of them, see Web site above.)

We are currently in the midst of the coldest winter in many years with 56 all time new weather records for our country. On Monday 2nd June the entire public sector goes on strike. This will cripple our country. We are talking about 4 million+ not working.

It seems that the prophet's words are coming true and that God appointed someone in our country to give us a warning. A friend of mine got an email last week saying that people must fast and pray because in the next 5 days as angels are going to appear to people everywhere.

Thursday, May 31, 2007

a tree growing in a tree!

a tree growing in a tree!, originally uploaded by freestone.

a tree growing in a tree!
yes a tree is growing in the crack between the two branches of this Live Oak tree. I think that this small tree is a cherry tree.

tallahassee, florida usa

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Tuesday, May 29, 2007

I have written up a vision, here.

I had an interesting astral travel experience last night, and i have written it up on my other weblog, the one that I place my writtings on.

vision: telling the dead lady about Jesus!
Telling the dead lady about Jesus.

Last night I had another one of those wonderful dreams where I begin the dream in what looks to be a "standard dream setting", although very Lucid and vivid, but nearly immediately I realize that I am in one of the afterlife worlds, one of the heavens!

[I go, am taken there, nearly every other night, now, but not very often are there dreams to "report"!]

There are many many worlds, there, the dream begins where I am in a room in what appears to be a very large farmhouse, I can ......
continued on the other blog.
freestonesvisions, please click here to read the vision write-up!

Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Hippodrome, originally uploaded by smacss.

A reenactment in the hippodrome - Roman legionnaires, gladiators, and chariot races. Fun to watch.

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"Join us on this incredible journey in time to a city of the Roman Decapolis and witness a live event that has so far only been the subject of epic films.



Ben Hur for real.
The WallStreet Journal has an article, recently, about how this sport is being revived for real! There was, for instance, a race and re-enactment, in Paris, that drew 300,000 people!

Amazing times we live in!

the Tallahassee drought

the Tallahassee drought, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Tallahassee drought
here is the tallahassee drought, here in north florida, usa.
I read that there has been like ten inches of rain this year, today is may 22, and no rain in sight.
Notice how the leaves of the bush and the tree do not look too good.
The grass is brown, it may not come back when and IF it rains.
The dogwood tree on the corner looks about to die. Even the oak tree's leaves look small and shriveled.

I give all of the spanish moss, hereabouts, about three more weeks!

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Friday, May 18, 2007

florida drought: grass in rigor mortis!

florida drought: grass in rigor mortis!
the grass next to a parking lot, looks dead. Only ten inches of rain, at may 18th, for the year-to-date, and no rain in sight for weeks.

tallahassee, florida, usa.

Nothing looks alive. the grass with more soil near it, out in the fields, does not look quite so bad. If the rainy season fails, like of no-hurricane last year, their might be only 15 inches of rain for the whole year, in a city that usually gets over 60 inches.
This dryness began in 2003, probably seven years long, thus three more to go.

florida needs many hurricanes or Else! but I would not be surprised that the forcasters will yet again have egg on their face as their might well be no hurricanes this year either.
or next year. or the year after!

the Terrible Secret is....that florida's lushness is driven by tropical storms, without these, the scattered afternoon thunderstorms only bring lightning to start yet more fires!

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