Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas day 2006

Xmas day 2006, originally uploaded by freestone.

Xmas day 2006
the view from my 5th floor window around noon, on Christmas day
of 2006. After over four inches of rain the sun comes out, maybe 70 degrees, and I took this photo looking North, from my 5th floor apartment at Georgia belle.

Here it is the 25th of December and the subtropical light is still brillant and penetrating, here at 30 degrees North, and the trees are mostly evergreen, here, consisting of evergreen oak trees like of the Live Oak.

I find the lumenious light to be, to me, a bit of the "Promise"
of the Coming of Jesus on Christmas day, the promise too, that He will come again, the mysteries of the Lumenious light on Christmas day. The lush plants glow with the light, the sky has also a "glow" to it, the Savior Is Born, and the spirit of Christmas Lives.

I am reminded, by this light, that there is a "Christmas Spirit", and this "spirit"
is far far more than of the giving of material goods as gifts.

Oh how it is, the sky glows with a light that seems to remind one thatat one Time and at one Place, a child was born, just like children are always born, a child like just like all other children, but with a Difference, an Incarnation of not just an ordinary soul, but of the Christ-soul! Or maybe.If you belive that.If you do not belive this, and happen to look out of a window about this time of day, here in Tallahassee, on this Christmas day, perhaps you might be reminded that this day is the day of Gifts and the mystery of what Christmas is, according to the Collective Idea of mankind, as if Mother Nature herself is influenced by the collective soul of all of mankind.Life can be Good, the Gift of a warm sunny day after 6 inches of rain.Please accept that Gift, at least: that life can be good.freestoneTallahassee, Florida, usa

May it live in you, in your own way, for the year and for the years to come, and for every day of the calander!

Tallahassee, Florida, usa

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Friday, December 22, 2006

the Somber carlot!

the Somber carlot!, originally uploaded by freestone.

the Somber carlot!
oh how somber and "gothic" this looks; just an empty lot near the downtown, here in tallahassee, florida, usa.
Those pecan trees are now leafless and only the spanish moss drapes from the limbs, this Spanish Moss is alive! An airplant, it is, not a parasite, and it lives and breathes, hanging from a lot of trees here.

I could name this image...."the Release area from the asylum, in Hades"! Only the very very green-looking grass makes this photo look unlike a "black and white" graveyard scene!
Taken about half an hour before sunset.
Actually a lot of "green" for a place in the northern hemisphere for December 22nd!

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

early sunday morning

early sunday morning, originally uploaded by freestone.

early sunday morning
real early on a Sunday morning. here is a residential street in tallahassee, florida, usa, a street where I can feel the sleepy southern life after all of the students stayed out all night and now sleep in.
*This* is the kind of morning that a group of river boaters or cave explorers should wake up to! A perfect start of a nature exoloring day.

I use to, when I was a student at the nearby university, Florida State University, in the 1960s, I used to get up real early, on saturday mornings, to assemble near the student union to go cave exploring. the Seminole Spelunking club had a number of members.
Oh it was so mysterious to drive out of the city on a morning similar to this, off to the nearby caves, who knows what we all might find today!
As the years went by, I would takes drives out from tallahassee, to spend a day at a small southern town, more explorings.
Now...I am carless retired, and now on the Sunday and saturday morning, I take a "Prayer Walk" out to a coffee shop, my best meditations and prayers are when everyone is still in bed and the traffic is light. this walk is of such a trip to the coffee shop, Borders.

There is something about the Light, at this latitiude, that even at the end of November, when this photo was taken, the sun, even at the early hour, creates very very vivid shadows, i have read of these shadows being described as "hallucinagenic"!

Probably dirves the camera sensors crazy tring to obtain a proper exposure!

Bathed in Light, everything stands out in etched shapes, and dreamlike darknesses. I can see why painters write that the south of France has light that overpowers most painters, and the latitude is 42 North! Tallahassee is 30 North.
no soft English light here!

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Thursday, December 14, 2006

the pines

the pines, originally uploaded by freestone.

the pines
a pine grove. Here is about two acres of pines on a farmers land, only the farmer has this section, now, as his only crop, as he sold the rest of his land to at least three shopping malls and then he
and/or his son is the president of the leading locally owned bank in town!
What you get for owning land on the edge of a small town of 3,000
people in 1910 and then watch this city grow to 300,000!

Tallahassee, florida, usa

These pines about ten years old, Shortleaf pine.
They consider pine trees a farm crop here, I had heard, at my 1963 forest ranger school that a pine tree grows here in 7 years as much as a pine tree grows in Michigan in 21 years!

The late afternoon shadows cast, you can see the city with its four story office buildings off in the distance.

the sound of the "souwing" wind, through these pines , is so soft and mysterious.

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Tuesday, December 12, 2006


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Saturday, December 09, 2006

the big Cone

the big Cone, originally uploaded by freestone.

the big Cone
a huge pine cone resting on a cut oak stump. This pinecone must be over six inches tall, and this is the "shortleaf" pine. The "longleaf" pine has needles that are about 10 inches long, the shortleaf has needles about six inches long.
Both pines are a feature of this area of the subtropics; one wonders why pine trees grow so good in the subtropics?
100 days a year, here, of 90 degree days per year, 30 days a year of 95 or higher!
Has to do with the pine tree having a taproot, a root that goes down to the water table that could be 20 feet below the surface, the soil tends to be sandy. In fact on the sandhills south of the city, there are Prickly Pear cactus plants, even at the 60 inches of rain per year: the rain just sifts down quickly, thus pine trees are at an advantage!

Tallahassee, florida, usa.

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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

railroad through the Jungle

railroad through the Jungle, originally uploaded by freestone.

railroad through the Jungle
the railroad, a legendary railroad, through the jungle.
I am standing on a street bridge about four blocks from the downtown heart of the city of tallahassee, florida, usa. I look southwestwards, this line runs from Los Angeles through New orleans and on to jacksonville.
When and if the tracks will be fixed, from katrina hurricane, the amtrak passengars will again be able to see the jungles.
"jungles" indeed, you are looking at about the time of early december.
While there are banks on each side of the tracks, the thick bush hides the houses on each side of the track very very well.
There are vines, maybe 20 species of vines, from "air potato" to catbriar, to morning glory to fernvine...on and on. You can see the vines dangle from nearly every bush and tree.

Sometimes i see people riding in the boxcars too, from this bridge, and from the street nearby.

Just outside of the city limits, the jungle goes on for miles and miles, one can only peer about 20 feet into the woods, reminds me of a nature outing years a go where it took me nearly an hour to walk
through about 300 feet of jungle!

they use machetes as Tools, here!

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Saturday, December 02, 2006

a canopy road

a canopy road, originally uploaded by freestone.

a canopy road
a tunnel of green, the road goes through a tunnel of a subropical rain forest patch of trees.
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Here in tallahassee there are many roads that have this canopy effect, like of driving through a tunnel of green. Plants grow so fast here. many of the plants are vines, each tree seems to have vines on top of vines, I have seen trees with five to seven species of vines growing up their trunks!
[note the swirl of vines on the tree at the upper right!]
The Florida bright light, even in December, tends to overwhelm the camera a bit, i can see now why some artist wrote about how it was difficult for most artists to paint near the mediterrian sea, as the light was so bright! Southern france, where he wrote this, is about 42 degrees latitude North, and tallahassee is 30 North!
The shadows on the road almost seem "psychedelic" in their intensity.

Canopy roads are becoming an endangered species, here in the city limits as the roads and streets get ever the more four lane and lined with shops. But most people who visit this city travel on these main line roads and they miss the hundreds, yea thousands, of these small canopy covered streets. Tens to be a "vanishing beauty" to quote a groupname, as often these streets get developed.

This road is a street about a mile from the city center. In fact, on the left behind the trees is the Florida lottery headquarters, and on the right, are two houses hidden behind the folage! This little quiet steet is about four blocks from the mall and hundreds of stores!

At about 10 am, near the end of november, the temperature must have been over 60 degrees, later in the day the temp rose to about 72. Note how green everything is, near the end of November!

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