Monday, October 30, 2006

the Forbidden path: with my new canon a610!

the Forbidden path: with my new canon a610!
well here is the "Forbidden Path" taken with my new canon powershot a610.

contrast with the shot taken with my old canon powershot a410

a picture is worth a thousand words, in comparing a "good" 3 meg pixel camera with another in the same series with 5 megapixels.

taken about an hour or two later than the previous shot.

One can see many subtropical plants, from bammboo to live oaks to many vines. Note the "pavement", when the city once had this as a street, now abandoned to the residents. No name, at least there is no "no trepassing" sign!
I half expect someone to come out and tell me to go away!

Along this abandoned to driveway path is a rotten barn, falling down upon its contents, gaping empty trash cans, an abandoned swimming pool with a bit of water at the bottom only suitable for frogs, vines, plants, etc.
I half expect to see a ghost here!

There is Light at the end of this path.

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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

from my room, my new a610

from my room, my new a610

well just yet another wiew from my 5th floor room.
But with my new canon a610.
Tis a nice camera.

"forest" is actually a cover for houses, you would never know
that a city lies under those trees, unless

tallahassee florida usa.

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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

of Light and Shadow

of Light and Shadow, originally uploaded by freestone.

of Light and Shadow
Behind the Georgia Belle Senior residence is a garden and this walkway. I shot this photo about 4 pm on a sunny oct 24th afternoon.

I have read that the light and shadows, in florida, is "hallucinogenic"!
The light is so so bright that the shadows are etched in sharp contrast.
would you belive that *every* sunny summer and fall day has shadows like of this?!! One could get "lost" in the patterns, very "trippy" to say the least.

maybe this is why the tropics are so mysterious to the latitude-people, say, 50 degrees North, of the English! There, the sun is weak and soft; here in florida, one has the Feeling that *anything* could happen, anything could be found.

try the "large" size look, the mystery is intense.

I guess my new canon a610 was a wise purchase!!

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Monday, October 23, 2006

first a610 picture, 1600 x 1200

first a610 picture, 1600 x 1200

Just a "shot" of the house across the street,
I wanted far distance and close up, in the same photo, so that
i could compare several resolutions. Comes out very nice,
for not having read the 132 page manual, just using the
"auto" settings. the
2046 x 1536 and the 2592 x 1944 RES
test shots came out a bit fuzzy, not quite set right or camera
But this image looks very very good.

I would have read the manual more but for the fact that as
when I get a new "something wonderful" everyone
else comes very first, and i have a "family" of about 160 other
seniors and they have such hard hard times dealing with any
electronics in any form whatsoever and I end up on "tech call" helping
a lady with her new printer so that shhe can send Birthday
cards to her huge extended family, much much more important
than having me read a manual!!

it is the older women,
i find, not the older men, who use computers!
In fact
a newcomer, I met for the first time last week, he is intelligent
and about my age of 65 and he has a Philosophy that there is
nothing worth while after about 1957. Downhill from that time
onwards! Thus most men live here as if it were 1995 and the
"Wagons have circled the campfire" around their lives:
NO computers, thenk you!
But the older women use computers
for to send email to their relatives, print out cards for
them, and communicate.
But they no Zilch about
"right mouse click" or "defrag" or of anything else: a computer
IS an "Appliance" to them, like of a Toaster!

be weeks before i can seize the time to actually "play" with
all of the settings for this wonderful looking

anyways....welcome to a610!

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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP, originally uploaded by freestone.

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP
A map of my hometown of Interlaken.
Has anyone, who reads this, lived near there?

in the very center of the Fingerlakes.
Rod Serling is buired in the town cemetary, he lived on the lake east of town, writing his twilight zone stories, many of these stories featured Interlaken as part of the plot.

28 kids in my 1960 graduating class.

I had a cottage, myself, in the 60s..70s on the shore of Cayuga lake, heaven on earth, the cottage was about
where the "10" is, on the map.

a town so small you can drive through it in a minute and the post office is about 500 feet from a field!

[I will leave this image at the front for a few days, before placing it near the end of my Stream!


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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

autism and my life


---a rant about my autism, to a support group.


hi all....I give to you jarl, permission to use this article in the newsletter if you wish to.

So here is ole freestone, just sitting down at the library computer.
Ihad just come from the Georgia belle apartments and for the unteenth time, when I talked to a Manager about something, i had the distinct feeling that he was talking to someone who was about 16 years old.
Suddenly I realized that nearly all older men and women seem to
act towards me in a *slightly* different way than someone, anyone, else!

I am not speaking so much that they detect that i have an autistic condition, it is of something else that is tied up with this condition and now i have a handle on what this is, everyone!!

It is as if they ARE acting towrds me as if i am about 16 or 18, even if the speakers are 30...50...70+ years old!
As if I am always to be about 16, to them.

then I realized that in my heart, I act as if they all were really a Mother or father to me, *everyone* that is about 10 years older than i, or even people who are younger than my 65 years!!
That is as if my "self image" is stuck at 16 years old, and i subtlby emit a vibe that gives signals to everyone that I am not mature, not grown up. What is more important, is that my own IDEA, not
really at the surface, is that I act to most strangers of any age as if i were still about 15 years old!


ah Autism. the same reason as if i "get" someone's name wrong at the very first introduction! if i think the name is "lill", instead of "bill"! it will be "Lill" forever, even unto a heated argument as if will find out that i will DEFEND my calling him "Lill", as that is the very first data into my brain and it is there for keeps, thank you!
same with when I first got my 14 year old time period of "self indentity"! This identity will ALWAYS be 15 years old, and i can sense deeply that anything that i was interested in at age 6 is still right up there on the front lines of "now", today, this minute!

but it was a small revelation, people, to see this in action, thus to these men and women, they sense my "age" and thus take me as
seriously as they would a 14 year old. and treat me as such. me
adult = stop! fixitate. settle down. do not grow, do not imagine.

Thus here i am at retirement with no job hisory to speak of, no wife, no career, no children...etc...

I remenber in Barnes and Nobles as i stuck my finger into the coffee cup to get the last dregs of brown sugar, in the empty cup, a phd college professor was talking over at the window table and his voice "quivered" slightly as i then licked my finger to get the brown sugar into my mouth!
I guess i will never ever Arrive at the top of any NCO, officer, or
authority position, ever.

but i have all of the fun!


Friday, October 13, 2006

yard: Brokaw McDougall house

yard: Brokaw McDougall house, originally uploaded by freestone.

yard: Brokaw McDougall house
the yard at the Brokaw McDougall house.

here you can see the Live oaks covered with spanish moss.
Note the ferns on the branches. They say there are orchids hidden on those branches.
the subtropics. what this really means is that there is a temperate winter and a tropical rainy summer season.

Always nature surpises.

This photo was only a couple of weeks away from snowing in Chicago!! This here scene will look like this until nearly Christmas, in a normal year!

tallahassee, florida usa.

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Monday, October 09, 2006

the "forbidden" Path

the "forbidden" Path, originally uploaded by freestone.

the "forbidden" Path
I call this path the "Forbidden" path, as this alley was once a city street that as the city "made offical" its streets, years ago, this alley was not considered their street. So now it is really a driveway and thus there is a sense of "this is private", as I walk through it.

Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

This is what a subtropical rainforest looks like, in the "urban version"! 60 inches of rain per year. temps sometimes in the 70s in january.

If one were to peer into the folage, one would find many many "invasive plants", plants theat escaped to the wild from the yards, years ago, and are now naturalized.

There is a spooky feeling here, every time that I walk this lane!
I can look into the backyrads of houses, see an abandoned swimming pool, trash cans a rotting garage with unknown and forgotten contents: who knows what goes on in the houses here?!

All of this only about 8 blocks from downtown!

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