Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Xmas day 2006

Xmas day 2006, originally uploaded by freestone.

Xmas day 2006
the view from my 5th floor window around noon, on Christmas day
of 2006. After over four inches of rain the sun comes out, maybe 70 degrees, and I took this photo looking North, from my 5th floor apartment at Georgia belle.

Here it is the 25th of December and the subtropical light is still brillant and penetrating, here at 30 degrees North, and the trees are mostly evergreen, here, consisting of evergreen oak trees like of the Live Oak.

I find the lumenious light to be, to me, a bit of the "Promise"
of the Coming of Jesus on Christmas day, the promise too, that He will come again, the mysteries of the Lumenious light on Christmas day. The lush plants glow with the light, the sky has also a "glow" to it, the Savior Is Born, and the spirit of Christmas Lives.

I am reminded, by this light, that there is a "Christmas Spirit", and this "spirit"
is far far more than of the giving of material goods as gifts.

Oh how it is, the sky glows with a light that seems to remind one thatat one Time and at one Place, a child was born, just like children are always born, a child like just like all other children, but with a Difference, an Incarnation of not just an ordinary soul, but of the Christ-soul! Or maybe.If you belive that.If you do not belive this, and happen to look out of a window about this time of day, here in Tallahassee, on this Christmas day, perhaps you might be reminded that this day is the day of Gifts and the mystery of what Christmas is, according to the Collective Idea of mankind, as if Mother Nature herself is influenced by the collective soul of all of mankind.Life can be Good, the Gift of a warm sunny day after 6 inches of rain.Please accept that Gift, at least: that life can be good.freestoneTallahassee, Florida, usa

May it live in you, in your own way, for the year and for the years to come, and for every day of the calander!

Tallahassee, Florida, usa

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