Wednesday, December 06, 2006

railroad through the Jungle

railroad through the Jungle, originally uploaded by freestone.

railroad through the Jungle
the railroad, a legendary railroad, through the jungle.
I am standing on a street bridge about four blocks from the downtown heart of the city of tallahassee, florida, usa. I look southwestwards, this line runs from Los Angeles through New orleans and on to jacksonville.
When and if the tracks will be fixed, from katrina hurricane, the amtrak passengars will again be able to see the jungles.
"jungles" indeed, you are looking at about the time of early december.
While there are banks on each side of the tracks, the thick bush hides the houses on each side of the track very very well.
There are vines, maybe 20 species of vines, from "air potato" to catbriar, to morning glory to fernvine...on and on. You can see the vines dangle from nearly every bush and tree.

Sometimes i see people riding in the boxcars too, from this bridge, and from the street nearby.

Just outside of the city limits, the jungle goes on for miles and miles, one can only peer about 20 feet into the woods, reminds me of a nature outing years a go where it took me nearly an hour to walk
through about 300 feet of jungle!

they use machetes as Tools, here!

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