Thursday, December 14, 2006

the pines

the pines, originally uploaded by freestone.

the pines
a pine grove. Here is about two acres of pines on a farmers land, only the farmer has this section, now, as his only crop, as he sold the rest of his land to at least three shopping malls and then he
and/or his son is the president of the leading locally owned bank in town!
What you get for owning land on the edge of a small town of 3,000
people in 1910 and then watch this city grow to 300,000!

Tallahassee, florida, usa

These pines about ten years old, Shortleaf pine.
They consider pine trees a farm crop here, I had heard, at my 1963 forest ranger school that a pine tree grows here in 7 years as much as a pine tree grows in Michigan in 21 years!

The late afternoon shadows cast, you can see the city with its four story office buildings off in the distance.

the sound of the "souwing" wind, through these pines , is so soft and mysterious.

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