Tuesday, December 19, 2006

early sunday morning

early sunday morning, originally uploaded by freestone.

early sunday morning
real early on a Sunday morning. here is a residential street in tallahassee, florida, usa, a street where I can feel the sleepy southern life after all of the students stayed out all night and now sleep in.
*This* is the kind of morning that a group of river boaters or cave explorers should wake up to! A perfect start of a nature exoloring day.

I use to, when I was a student at the nearby university, Florida State University, in the 1960s, I used to get up real early, on saturday mornings, to assemble near the student union to go cave exploring. the Seminole Spelunking club had a number of members.
Oh it was so mysterious to drive out of the city on a morning similar to this, off to the nearby caves, who knows what we all might find today!
As the years went by, I would takes drives out from tallahassee, to spend a day at a small southern town, more explorings.
Now...I am carless retired, and now on the Sunday and saturday morning, I take a "Prayer Walk" out to a coffee shop, my best meditations and prayers are when everyone is still in bed and the traffic is light. this walk is of such a trip to the coffee shop, Borders.

There is something about the Light, at this latitiude, that even at the end of November, when this photo was taken, the sun, even at the early hour, creates very very vivid shadows, i have read of these shadows being described as "hallucinagenic"!

Probably dirves the camera sensors crazy tring to obtain a proper exposure!

Bathed in Light, everything stands out in etched shapes, and dreamlike darknesses. I can see why painters write that the south of France has light that overpowers most painters, and the latitude is 42 North! Tallahassee is 30 North.
no soft English light here!

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