Saturday, December 02, 2006

a canopy road

a canopy road, originally uploaded by freestone.

a canopy road
a tunnel of green, the road goes through a tunnel of a subropical rain forest patch of trees.
Tallahassee, florida, usa.

Here in tallahassee there are many roads that have this canopy effect, like of driving through a tunnel of green. Plants grow so fast here. many of the plants are vines, each tree seems to have vines on top of vines, I have seen trees with five to seven species of vines growing up their trunks!
[note the swirl of vines on the tree at the upper right!]
The Florida bright light, even in December, tends to overwhelm the camera a bit, i can see now why some artist wrote about how it was difficult for most artists to paint near the mediterrian sea, as the light was so bright! Southern france, where he wrote this, is about 42 degrees latitude North, and tallahassee is 30 North!
The shadows on the road almost seem "psychedelic" in their intensity.

Canopy roads are becoming an endangered species, here in the city limits as the roads and streets get ever the more four lane and lined with shops. But most people who visit this city travel on these main line roads and they miss the hundreds, yea thousands, of these small canopy covered streets. Tens to be a "vanishing beauty" to quote a groupname, as often these streets get developed.

This road is a street about a mile from the city center. In fact, on the left behind the trees is the Florida lottery headquarters, and on the right, are two houses hidden behind the folage! This little quiet steet is about four blocks from the mall and hundreds of stores!

At about 10 am, near the end of november, the temperature must have been over 60 degrees, later in the day the temp rose to about 72. Note how green everything is, near the end of November!

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