Tuesday, November 07, 2006

wheelchair, walker, oxygen!

wheelchair, walker, oxygen!, originally uploaded by freestone.

wheelchair, walker, oxygen!
Here at the senior residence for Independant living, where I, myself, live, there are a number of seniors who use walkers, wheelchairs, and other aids for independance.
Down the hall from my room is this Veteran who has this wheelchair, plus his walker [the shaft with the handle on it]
and his oxygen tanks that are behind his chair. He often just leaves all of this in the hall if he steps into his room for a few minutes then comes back out.
He *can* walk about unaided, for a few feet, he can breathe somewhat without his oxygen tank, but not for long.

One could "pity" him, say, "how awful", that "your cup is almost empty"!
I could also say that his cup is still half-full, due to these Aids for independence! The technology of these helping objects has come a long ways, and plus the medicare/veterans disibility payments, even the $2000+ wheelchair is affordable for him.
His mind is clear, he comes down to eat meals, and does other social actions, he gets out of his room, talks with his friends.
Back in, say, 1920, or even 1950, he might well be living in a "regular" nursing home. NO independence at all.

I know of two people here who take 20 pills each morning, each lady swallows 20 pills first thing in the morning. Again, side effects and
such, aside, the other side of the story is that maybe these 20 pills
make it possible for these ladies to live tolerably well, and tolerably happy, for years to come!

the critics of Modern medicine forget that back in 1880, or even 1949, many many of these seniors, and "not-so-seniors", would be dead by now.
maybe even *you*, reader of this post, might owe your health and/or your life, not only to spiritual cures, but also to "modern medicine", even at age 25 or, say, age 35!

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