Thursday, November 09, 2006

subtropical urban scene

subtropical urban scene, originally uploaded by freestone.

subtropical urban scene
downtown Tallahassee, florida, usa. Looking north towards Georgia belle apartments, where I live.
Even in the "parking lot fringes" of the city center, there are trees!
Here is a Live Oak, a Cabbage palm tree, and the spanish moss.
The temperature is about 78 to 80 degrees, about 2 PM, still at 6 PM, when I upload these images, still shirtsleeve weather.

Nothing special here, Just a subrtopixcal snapshot of a section of my hometown, the town, now, that I call "home".
Probably snowing, now, in my Interlaken, ny, hometown of my childhood!

Uploaded by freestone on 9 Nov '06, 6.02pm EST.