Monday, November 27, 2006

a quiet clearing

a quiet clearing, originally uploaded by freestone.

a quiet clearing
An open air clearing, made so to place a holding pond. The "white"
object is the spillway, so far there is no water in the pond as it was just finished last week. Grass was laid out; almost looks as if this place has been here for years. The "line" at the rear is a railroad track, before Katrina hurrcane tore up 150 miles of track, passengar
trains would pass here.
This spot almost feels "holy", tis very calm and peaceful here.

This is what the end of november looks like, here in tallahassee, florida, usa.
Yes, I felt a great peace here, as if this last-week finished city project has been here for years. They may gate this off so that no one
can walk in unless they follow the rails. A lovely something that the rail passengars can see, as they travel through this subtropical rainforest, 63 inches of rain per year and 100 days of 90 degrees per year temperature.

note the bamboo in the rear and the kudzu vine on the left.

Uploaded by freestone on 26 Nov '06, 2.54pm EST.