Friday, November 17, 2006

getting ready for Xmas

getting ready for Xmas, originally uploaded by freestone.

getting ready for Xmas
Tis the time of year, even before Thanksgiving, to get the Tallahassee
downtown park ready for the Christmas lights. They will have, about the 5th of December, a great festival here, maybe 50,000 people and a parade. That a lot of effor to string and to test the ligths beforehand.
Actually, they leave them up year-round unlit!
---must be goood electrics to be able to survive a year in the subtropics outdoors!

Tallahassee, florida, usa

Live Oak trees and Spanish Moss with lights. I toned down the "red" just a bit, at first I thought that the redness was an artifact from my new canon powershot a610 not liking the near-sunset timing, but then again both the sidewalks and the street are paved with "faux"
red bricking; they have dyed asphault nowadays, then they lay a hot wire-grid over this paving to simulate the bricks!

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