Saturday, November 25, 2006

Gainesville Mural

Gainesville Mural, originally uploaded by freestone.

Gainesville Mural
a Mural from memory, as they had painted it over.
Gainesville Florida, about 1989 to 1993.

This mural was on the wall of a bycycle shop, on a main intersection of the city, probably the most important intersection in this city.
Note that the helmet of the rider looked *exactly* like the space-photo of the earth as seen on the cover of the Whole Earth catalogue, at the 1986, or so, time.
One might infer that, in this very envirnmentalist aware city, the Mural painter might have painted this helmet on purpose to appear as the 'earth' , as he might be commenting upon the condition of the planet; the pained face of this rider looks "pensive", in the painted
I was very struck by how there were 9 bike parts, 9 clouds, 9 wind
"indicators" of motion, in the mural!

The letters "JC" are *not* that of the painter!
Jim Evangelista was the painter, he also did the mural about the manatees and the county courthouse, on the same street that interesects with this mural-street.

There were shadows in the hill to the left, and the shadows looked
about just what I placed: looked like letters and if I turned them all about "upright" and read them left to right like of a book....
the word "KALKI" appears!

*Now* the "9" items becomes clear: the 9 avatars of India fame.
the 8th avatar, Krisna, has a brother who also is an Incarnation of Vishnu, like of Krisna, thus the 8th shadow is doubled. the 9th
avatar is not Buddha, it is Jesus, as apparent in the "JC"!

"77" ?!

sooomething seems to infer, to me, that the painter uncounsciously
painted this Mural to show the history of mankind, and that
as the Rider is now about to "touch" the hill, the hill of the pure spiirt from where the avatars incarnated from, the Time of the tenth avatar,
Kalki, is immenant!
the path goes to pure spirit, as this path of humanity intersects with
the spirit world! End of the Age, 2012 Looms, all of us go to Heaven and/or hell, the Final Judgement, and all of that!

I can see why this mural was painted over!

I wonder if the "77" infers the length of time until the End Times?!

But then again, this idea of the prediction of the time of the End Times, is only an interpetation.

---does not help my peace of mind that his last mural in the series was the brown brown courthouse: all of the colors were of shades of brown, and brown symbolizes "the earth".

"Final Judgement", anyone?!

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