Tuesday, October 24, 2006

of Light and Shadow

of Light and Shadow, originally uploaded by freestone.

of Light and Shadow
Behind the Georgia Belle Senior residence is a garden and this walkway. I shot this photo about 4 pm on a sunny oct 24th afternoon.

I have read that the light and shadows, in florida, is "hallucinogenic"!
The light is so so bright that the shadows are etched in sharp contrast.
would you belive that *every* sunny summer and fall day has shadows like of this?!! One could get "lost" in the patterns, very "trippy" to say the least.

maybe this is why the tropics are so mysterious to the latitude-people, say, 50 degrees North, of the English! There, the sun is weak and soft; here in florida, one has the Feeling that *anything* could happen, anything could be found.

try the "large" size look, the mystery is intense.

I guess my new canon a610 was a wise purchase!!

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