Thursday, October 19, 2006

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP, originally uploaded by freestone.

Interlaken, my hometown: MAP
A map of my hometown of Interlaken.
Has anyone, who reads this, lived near there?

in the very center of the Fingerlakes.
Rod Serling is buired in the town cemetary, he lived on the lake east of town, writing his twilight zone stories, many of these stories featured Interlaken as part of the plot.

28 kids in my 1960 graduating class.

I had a cottage, myself, in the 60s..70s on the shore of Cayuga lake, heaven on earth, the cottage was about
where the "10" is, on the map.

a town so small you can drive through it in a minute and the post office is about 500 feet from a field!

[I will leave this image at the front for a few days, before placing it near the end of my Stream!


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