Monday, October 09, 2006

the "forbidden" Path

the "forbidden" Path, originally uploaded by freestone.

the "forbidden" Path
I call this path the "Forbidden" path, as this alley was once a city street that as the city "made offical" its streets, years ago, this alley was not considered their street. So now it is really a driveway and thus there is a sense of "this is private", as I walk through it.

Tallahassee, Florida, usa.

This is what a subtropical rainforest looks like, in the "urban version"! 60 inches of rain per year. temps sometimes in the 70s in january.

If one were to peer into the folage, one would find many many "invasive plants", plants theat escaped to the wild from the yards, years ago, and are now naturalized.

There is a spooky feeling here, every time that I walk this lane!
I can look into the backyrads of houses, see an abandoned swimming pool, trash cans a rotting garage with unknown and forgotten contents: who knows what goes on in the houses here?!

All of this only about 8 blocks from downtown!

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