Monday, October 30, 2006

the Forbidden path: with my new canon a610!

the Forbidden path: with my new canon a610!
well here is the "Forbidden Path" taken with my new canon powershot a610.

contrast with the shot taken with my old canon powershot a410

a picture is worth a thousand words, in comparing a "good" 3 meg pixel camera with another in the same series with 5 megapixels.

taken about an hour or two later than the previous shot.

One can see many subtropical plants, from bammboo to live oaks to many vines. Note the "pavement", when the city once had this as a street, now abandoned to the residents. No name, at least there is no "no trepassing" sign!
I half expect someone to come out and tell me to go away!

Along this abandoned to driveway path is a rotten barn, falling down upon its contents, gaping empty trash cans, an abandoned swimming pool with a bit of water at the bottom only suitable for frogs, vines, plants, etc.
I half expect to see a ghost here!

There is Light at the end of this path.

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